Had to restart my game in hard mode Gate 2 and lost my entry


I was doing hard mode valtan gate 2 with my guild and we took a break, as I was lagging I restarted my game and when I came back i got kicked from the raid and cannot reeenter… (my group didn’t clear it while I was disconnected or anything) Is there any way to get my entry back ?

IGN : Yokalex
Server : Zinnervale

Hello @Yoka;

I’m really sorry to hear about this disconnection during Valtan.

I understand that this situation is very frustrating and that’s why you normally get the restoration ticket on your game mail within 48 hours after the disconnection. Still, in some cases a replacement ticket may not be sent if it’s determined that the disconnection was not due to an error on our side, so please be aware of this too.

In case you have any more questions you can contact us here and via live chat.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the understanding.