Haiger’s Manor and Rielvarr Ruins

First off… while the Dev post at [Notice] Haiger's Manor and Rielvarr Ruins endless loading screens is appreciated…

What about the rest of us who are stuck, not being able to progress our main story to South Vern because these instances are down? Any updates?

And any idea why I cant post into support, only feed back?

Editing to add, Dev post on related topic at Haiger's Manor closed for maintenance - #81 by Shadow_Fox

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Looks like they have closed those instances to deal with it after the weekend… Easy solution. I can’t be the only one only having time to do main story quests on weekends, I guess it won’t be this week.

thousands of people’s mains/alts cant even progress because of what they are doing. they better have compensation for this at the least for the lost days and all.
Other than that. im just thankful that there is no que even when server is busy :slight_smile:

Well, I’m stuck at the “A wounded sky” story quest, no matter how many times I use /talk in the correct area, nothing happens, so I can’t proceed with south vern story quests… :sob:

我的账号在海格府邸下线 我现在无法进入游戏 也无法退出海格府邸 能否将我的账号移动到卢特兰?我已经4天没有上过我的狂战士了! 下次关闭地图的时候是否可以提前通知一下呢?

look, a big thread already, 3 topics under yours and you need to make a new one