Hair overlapping armor Issue - QoL improvement

So, I’ve played more games and every game has this problem more or less.

Long hair and armor overlapping. It’s really bothering :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t we do something about it?
I can imagine hair is something hard to work with. I also noticed that in other games it’s really hard to deal with hairstyles and hats for example. But unlike other games I see here they dealed with hats and hair a bit better altho with some fixed combinations seems.

But long hair and the tall armor neck, which is quite common in different armors, or with some of the armor feature is reaally soo anti aesthetic. And a part from the skins you can buy, like you dont really have much choice of what armor to use in terms of look. At least for now.

Now my suggestion is super simple: Why not adding a small tick where also the hide/show helm and other features are, that will tie the hair to a default tied hair look? So even if I have to wear the same an armor that overleaps long hair through a full tier for example, I wouldn’t mind having this option.

Reskinning means money of course, but I am sure it would still be used.

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