Half banning? XD


Not sure if u seen gold river’s interview. He was pretty upset at Amazon mismanagement and miscommunication, he even put an example where Amazon changed the names of the classes from original creator intentions and SG wasnt happy about it. Amazon still insisted on this change. I feel like Amazon is the one strong arming this Lost Ark West operation than SG did afterall SG is the one wanting global publish and Amazon doesnt need this after all they are rich as hell and wanting to be greedy. Therefore, AGS have the advantage in this negotiation. This is evidence in many many many of the mistakes since Day 1 of Lost Ark release. Simply put Amazon have been making high records of mistakes without improvement. Sure no companies are perfect, but the amount of mistakes in year 1 is pretty demoralizing and demotivating to be the truth.

Yea, when I saw that my first thought was more or less ‘Well, they haven’t been on this Earth long enough then’.

Plenty of publishers in the gaming space have made changes to their games based on player feedback. And while they may have a point in arguing that it’s all Smilegate’s fault, as a publisher, it was AGS’s responsibility to inform Smilegate what they needed to do in order to have a successful launch in the West.

AGS’s lack of knowledge (this was their first time publishing a Korean MMO after all) has had quite an impact on the playerbase in some capacity. They could have, and should have, hired consultant’s to help them navigate the landscape that they were very clearly unfamiliar with and unprepared to handle, but AGS’s leadership comes directly from Amazon. So they already come from an environment where they spend as little as possible to maximize their profits.

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Pretty sure SG regret making AGS their publisher since Gold River show his discontent during his interview. However, cant back out of it because AGS is the one with the advantage in this part.

Write your friend’s name here so i can check all his messages, if he NEVER said anything toxic, something tell me that it wasn’t just because a “different opinion”, then ill believe in your and i will agree with you

AGS puts more money into hiring MODS to police the forums and maintaining a “good” image rather than putting the money into fixing the game KEKW.

like imagine twitch being one of their companies with ROXX, their twitter account and every advertisement including amazon prime is to tell people to go to twitch right?

And there’s streamers with booba, phat azz with girls half naked moaning ASMR and yoga with azz crack spreading legs on camera in thongs with a plastic bathtub in the room to bend around the rules and then selling their onlyfans link in the description to potential children…

BUT they gotta spend money to maintain that forum image instead KEKW




you really think I will open such thread?
ofcourse mods just ban however they want, whats new?

thing is I am infavor of AGS most of the time, well not really, just against the cryin incels here so they call me whiteknight, and I still get banned

only thing I can ask from these hollowbrains is to stop treating roxx as “friend”, she is terrible

Duble standards my dude. And we know They are the ones watching those bathtub streamers…
There is no logic in this world taht would allow such “content” in non +18 sites

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