Half Black Screen

Hi, I got no idea why is this happening. Was pvping in game and the game suddenly crashed

Now whenever I start game, it’s like this.

I tried verified integrity and restart pc :frowning:

Oh, just to add, it doesn’t affect gameplay, but it happens every time on start up loading screen (makes you worry what will happen on the long run if not fixed)

Hello @SSontheforum !!!

I hope you are doing well and I am so sorry for what happen :frowning: .

Did you try these extra steps? :

Amazon Games

Troubleshooting Frame Rate and Performance Issues - Support | Amazon Games

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Please let us know if any of those options works.

Will check and try different options later, got to do dailies first hahaha

Keep you updated later :rofl:

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Yo man, someone gave me the answer, the issue was anti-aliasing was off ahahaha

It’s fixed!


Great! I am really happy to read it and thanks for the feedback too :smiley: .