Half-Moon Black Screen

Anyone had this issue before? Was pvping in game and suddenly crashed.

Now it became like that even after PC restart.

Gonna try verify integrity and see it works or not >.o…

Gg. Verified integrity and still the same… what the hell?

My game has been launching like this since the start lol. It doesnt go normal till the tripod studios part. Never had any other issues with the game so it never bothered me

Dafuq… it’s so random though… yours had been like that since day 1? Did you reinstall?

some one posted similar issue earlier, seems like it doesn’t affect game play at all, only the intro screen

Just feels worrying lol, 1 bug happen, later one day game cant play… how? xD, will try more methods later on, did send a ticket to support. Maybe full screen or whatever could fix it. Since it was working totally fine until now :frowning:

Its Amazon tactics to milk money from you, if you don’t pay you play with half black screen, according to conspiracy believers says.
jokes, they didn’t say that and I made it up

same happens on my laptop since day 1, no other issues whatsoever though on my PC everything is normal

Nah havent reinstalled since it never affected anything else. every once in a while ill get the full screen amazon studios screen lol.

ok yeah, it’s just annoying ahaha i will play around and hopefully fix it when im done with dailies xd

Gota pay for the other half fam.

I have had this for a long time now… Don’t really bother me much. The only thing that bothers me just a bit, is the year long loading of the game in general. :slight_smile:

Remove your tinfoil hats people. This only happens, because you’ve got anti-aliasing disabled. It has to do with graphic settings and nothing else.

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oh shit, you may be right, I was playing with “Screen Effect Settings - All : Very High” previously, and decided to tone down to “Screen Effect Settings - All : Medium” and it had anti-aliasing turned off, which the crash made me restart the game and so happen to see the half black screen.

I will try turning it on, and restart after Alakkir and let you guys know the results xD

You sir are a genius

Thanks a lot !