Halloween skin!

If u want see the Halloween skin !

TRAILER : LOST ARK 신규 아바타 - 할로윈 - YouTube

*It may take a while to load the website (it’s the one from KR)

Our region Video:

We’re getting the 2019 Halloween Skins and the 2021 Neria Wardrobe skins, i saw for a sec the Omen Skin on the trailer, i don’t know if it will also come back as a permanent skin or was there just because they wanted there.

Halloween 2019 (Non-dyeable)

Weapons Skins

I don’t know if they will create the weapon for the newer classes (unlikely).

2021 Halloween Neria Wardrobe (Dyeable)

Official Video (With some skins we already got):

In the package page there is some items icons with other colors but identical design, not sure if will be a different item.


What a shame we only have the 2019 (so season 1) version :frowning:

5 days before the holiday is far too late for me to consider this a worthwhile investment.


we also have 2021 version

plz open ur eyes and read it.bruh

Y’know what, I want to do this for the fun of it

To compare pricing in Korean Won to USD

I am also assuming 1 RC = 1~ Won as well, similar like 1 RC = $.01~ in USD ($9.99 for 1k RC)

Pumpkin pets: 15,000 Won = $10.45 USD or 1045 RC

Mounts: 19,800 Won = $13.80 USD or 1380 RC

Costume Skin: 31,000 Won = $21.60 USD or 2160 RC

Ship Skin: 10,000 Won = $6.97 USD or 697 RC

Neria Stuff: 7,000 Won = $4.88 USD or 488 RC

Just gives a rough idea of what things cost, like I said this is an estimate and real conversion totals could be different

Please do not take this for 100% truth lol

I think some streamer said that our region price would be the same but without a 0 at the end, that is close to your values.

Accordingly to Namu, the Halloween Skins are the same Royal Price as the Magick Society Skins.

So it should be this if they aren’t that greedy where the summer skins was less Royal Crystal in KR than Magick Society but 400 and 800 more for us than the Magick Society skins.

  • Costume Skins Chest should be 2000 Royal Crystal

  • Weapon Skins Chest 650 Royal Crystal

  • Neria 700 Royal Crystal per piece

  • Mount no idea because i didn’t find a single Bike (Wingsuit) video showing the mount price in our region but in KR the Bike and Halloween was both 19.800 Royal Crystal.

  • Pet also didn’t finded the summer and shiba pet price here

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He’s talking about the halloween 2021 skins. Not Neria.

They might be a little cheaper due to being one piece and non dyeable too. (Hipster ones)

The Neria’s will most likely be how the previous one was at 700 a piece.

I wanted the 2021 ones, not the 2020 ones

I wanted the 2021 ones, not the 2020 ones

You mean you wanted the 2020 ones.

The ones on the print is the 2020 Halloween skin, we are getting the 2019 ones and the 2021 ones (Neria)

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