Hallucination 4piece set bonus


I think the 4piece set bonus is bugged. When I run 4 piece and keep attacking, the hallucination buff should stack indefinitely as long as i can keep up the cadence of 1 hit per .4 seconds (atleast that’s how I would read the set bonus). If that is true, then why does the buff not go past 6s duration, even if i can clearly keep up with the cadence (e.g. spamming arrow shower on trixion boss with no cooldowns), it will just max out at 6s.

It’s because the effect of Hallucination itself has a hard cap as to how long it’s active

It’s working as intended, because this is the 6 piece effect

  • If Hallucination lasts more than 9s, gain Reality for 90s. Reality: Damage to foes +12%. Crit Rate +5%.
    On Crit Hit, Hallucination’s duration +1s. Cooldown: 0.4s.

The buff itself will reset to maximum 6 seconds no matter how many times it procs, and the duration just adds to your timer as it counts down

So essentially if you wait two seconds so your timer says 4, then attack successfully once, it’ll boost back to 5, then again it’ll boost back to 6, but it won’t go past 6, just start the timer over again

The whole point of it is to help you maintain the buff and refresh long enough for Reality to kick in by constantly attacking

An easy way to look at it is compare it to Adrenaline

With Adrenaline you can maintain the stack with every hit but the timer hard caps at 5, meaning you have to keep attacking to maintain the buff because of that hard cap

At least that’s how I understand it

I hope this helps

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I’m gonna nitpick here a bit, but with Adrenaline you refresh its duration, while Hallu clearly says that you increase it by 1s and doesn’t mention anything about cap, even tho there is one. However, it probably is a bug in description, not the effect.

Well, the hard Cap may be there, to prevent pre-indefinite stacking the Hallucination Buff before Bosses.

2 and 4 pieces are useless you just build up the refresh to activate the 6 part reality nothing more

Nitpicking is 100% ok the way it’s being talked about here, since this game is also riddled with translation errors

Honestly there’s really no reason for the set to go past that 6 seconds since you’re attacking very quick anyways on classes that wear it to get the buff asap but I understand the concern from the OP

I would love to either see a description fix - OR if the buff cap is actually a bug to fix that as well. There’s some real neat combos where with enough swift you can run 2 piece nightmare on top of 4 piece hallu to keep the buff running.