Handfarmed Gold is Fueling Inflation and the Urgent Need for Gold Nerfs

Handfarmed gold is lit, it’s cheap AF. But here’s the tea, RMTers are all over it like white on rice. They’re buying up all that gold and causing all sorts of inflation. It’s time for AGS to step in and bring in some serious gold nerfs for Oreha, Argos, Valtan, and Vykas. Like, ASAP.

This ain’t no joke, the gold economy in Lost Ark is on the brink of collapse and something needs to be done, like yesterday. The RMTers are taking over and it’s not just hurting the legit players, it’s hurting the game as a whole.

Listen, I know some of you might be thinking “oh, it’s just a few” but trust me, this is serious business. The gold economy in Lost Ark is a crucial part of the game and it’s being destroyed by RMTers.

AGS can save the gold economy and keep the game fair for all players.
#LostArkGoldNerfs #stopRMT

Nerfing legit people to stop RMTERS, I can respect the intent but sorry boy this isn’t the solution. They need to ban them, and they don’t, so I guess you have your answer


So how am I supposed to hone to 1600 akkan hard without gold?

Get bent.


Good Idea, but what is with the ppl that dont have hundreds of million gold?

I run around with 25k Gold at max, cause of the intense prices. If all the sources will be lowered I cant maintain my roster properly.

If they cut off the gold income they also have to flaten all gold ingame, like everyone only 50k max and rest will be deleted, to fight the RMT

You RMT you’ll get banned, it’s not like before where you can slip through their fingers anymore.
Bots are less effective, but if you buy so called “hand farmed gold” you’re getting banned, be assured.

Also no thanks to nerfing gold earned further, you should to buy skins every month for 4-5 different classes. It’s a money sink, one the keeps me from pushing item level so I can be with all the other cool kids that did or didn’t RMT before shit got real.

Apparently nothing is done to the seller of illegal gold, only the buyer. I suppose the reason for that is because Amazon is trying to hide the real player count juking the stats.

Prices of everything is heavily inflated by handfarmed RMT. You’re doing way extra homework on your alts to cover these costs.


So we the player that dont Whale/RMT cant afford anything more. Do u have thinked 5 more minutes bevor u posting this?

What would happend if they nerfed now the Gold?

Oh right. All people that never Bussed gona try to Buss. To get some extra Gold. Oh wait people would try to Whale/RMT cuz the nerfs.

In korea are Gold Nerfs Valtan/Vykas/Kakul but they have now Brell NM/HM / Kayngale Normal HM1-3 / Akkan NM/HM.

U wana Punish the playerbase by what?

The real solution whould be " Perma BANN RMT ". But since AGS dont care cuz they want the people back by hoping after there punishment they Whale better in Game.

Nerfing Gold but the Gold cost Stays the same Quality/Hone this would ruin the Game. And maybe more people would Quit. lol

Usueless thread.


You’re already doing way extra homework on your alts to cover for inflation, had prices been normal in a healthy economy, you wouldn’t need that. Prices will deflate with these nerfs and handfarmed gold RMTers will have no choice but to swipe legit from the shop and generate BC.

Are u drunk?

So for exampel i earn 100k Gold per Week. And after nerf 50k now.

U think a RMTer that buy 100k Gold buys now 50k After the nerf? Do u need Help?

For Exampel Grudge EUC 17-18k now. Bevor Thronspire Cap to Higher GearScore almost 10k.

Now what would happend if Gold nerf. Oh yea prices stay same. Why? Cuz demand is higher.

And people need to search better ways to gain there missing gold after Nerf. Here we go swipe or RMT or Both & Busses.

So for exampel Grudge the solution that the price goes down is by people dont need grudge anymore or there is a new way to get more grudge in the economy. Like Brell Release NPC have 1 DPS Leg Book.

First things first. Perma Bann RMT People so less Gold in the Economy. Less Gold Means for exampel less people buy Grudge. Less people Buy Grudge people that want to sell grudge need to dump Prices. Grudge gets cheaper.

Not by nerfing Gold and hurt the aktual playerbase. lol

I hope what im talking makes any sense… xD

You are correct about the issue but gold nerfs are not the solution, instead, they should fix the problem of WHY people are buying handfarmed gold? It is because the gold in the shop is very expensive and THAT needs to be nerfed.

Handfarmed gold? that is just a scam to sell gold more expensive than in G2G or similars with the “guarantee” that they will refund you the money if you get banned… and you have to believe that, yeah of course lol.

Thats all fine, sooner or later we all leavin maybe in a month

Nerfing gold in the west is not the answer. It helps in KR because RMT is scarce and botting is essentially nonexistent. In the west, nerfing gold from raids hurts legit players and actually gives RMTers more buying power. Erase this thought from your mind. The solution is neither nerfing gold nor printing more gold. It’s getting rid of bots and/or severely restricting their ability to generate gold in game.

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I’m more of absolutist myself but the basement dwellers will never accept it.

Wipe everything. Delete euw leave only euc. Ask people to talk to a real human before they can play a game and tie account to some utility bill, phone, internet etc. Do a verification every
Reset and ban everyone who refuses to verify.

Problem solved. No bots no rmt.

BOTS and now this? Like whaaaat? How do they handfarm gold? Having a full time job is better than farming gold to sell for cheap. Bruh!

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Diablo 4 or maybe Throne and Liberty? Blue Protocol but AGS will publish it so, maybe ill skip BP.

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Gold Frog is the answer. Giving people that already have access to a ton of gold more materials is basically irrelevant but the gold that gets completely destroyed in the process does matter. They aren’t going to generate more gold than they already are, but removing gold from the game means they are less willing to overpay for other things and the gold doesn’t get swirled around again.

If the stuff given is deflating a particular market too much then adjust the returns.

When they applied this in KR, it worked like magic. BC dropped from 4k to 2.6k in 2 weeks and way less busses for both Valtan and Vykas. Also, don’t forget that honing to 1460 was gold free and more mats drop from raids, they can bring that along as well, since players are just afk running raids on their alts in busses and passing all that gold to the drivers. Less gold, more mats, less runs, less busses, less handfarmed RMT gold, deflation.

I’m starting to change my mind about the idea that maybe unlimiting the legion raid runs on a single character would make things worse.

I’ve said in the past that removing the limit on the number of Legion raid runs would just create permanent bus services, but I think it would also eliminate a huge amount of the demand for them.

Still have it be limited in the number you gain gold from, but allow people to run a single character through multiple times if you want. If someone wants to take a gigachad carry through fine they can do that with their friends gigachad characters. You wouldn’t have to buy one from strangers.

More than anything it would allow people who like playing support to play more if they wanted. They could carry their entire guild through their runs if they wanted. It would eliminate the need/want for multiple characters of the same class as well.

while most of my roster is 1490 + I could agree if they tripled my brel income.

If I were a new player with these sort of changes I would quit the game after realising I can never get accepted into any valtan partys due to lack of gear etc.