Handfarmed Gold is Fueling Inflation and the Urgent Need for Gold Nerfs

Yeah i heard it, theyll publishin another good potential game anyway lookin forward to see and try throne and liberty

If you have to rmt or whale to afford item, you aint playing the game right

Just bring back frog and keep it in the game


The prices of BC is base by the whales and the frequency of the items being set in the marketplace.

Also, stop comparing it to South Korea. We used US DOLLARS not WON and it is by far significantly cheaper to get high ilvl in South Korea than in the NA/EU

The BC is traded off and I’m sure it’s based on the average honing and the prices (engravings etc) they are trying to get. Since honing WENT UP you can see a significant change in BC pricing.

It needed to be handled like 7 months ago.

Nowadays it’s whatever, we’re swimming in a swamp of gold. You either have a roster that’s so pushed you bring in endless gold every week or you are starving and everything is beyond expensive.

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It is what it is, keep buying pheons. Unless its pheon related we won’t see anything bout it till LoA 2023.

Ok, if I’m reading “handfarmed gold” correctly you’re talking about people selling their weekly earned gold to each other?

If that’s the case then nerfing gold generation isn’t going to fix anything, it just kills the game for everybody. Normal people not buying gold have their own income crushed in the crossfire.

You’d be better off just removing any semblance of player-player commerce.

Make the entire game Solo Self Found.

With this abysmal loot table?

Oh gawd.

Just a tip. Everyone bought grudge books when they were super cheap months ago now. Best bet is use grudge accessories and buy other books. No one uses accessories with grudge really so they tend to be cheaper than others, unless it is a god rolled piece then you’re just competing with whales on the very few in game.

We’ll get gold nerfs eventually just like KR don’t worry.

That came after Akkan, so just wait another 8 months to see some positive change :rofl:

Real Player Here, I can afford things just not everything right now. Its a matter of being patient and investing in what you want next not everything right now. What are you trying to get that you can’t afford after a couple of weeks of farming and saving?

We get these types of features before KR. Right now we can’t get them because it comes with silver/shards nerfs too. We’ll probably get it by hard brel. They won’t release a new tier and nerf gold/silver/shard cost instantly. It honestly will not help with our inflation that much because most of our inflation is driven by bots while in KR their inflation came from a year of hard brel + no new content drops so no reason to push.

Perhaps, did they also nerf clown gold or just valtan/vykas? I forget.

I laughter loudly.

Valtan, vykas, and argos.

You know if the AGS can give us Leapstones honing gold sink is not bad. I m always spending my money on honing but i never buy leaps from AH. So if they give “in general” honning mats to players i m sure they won’t hold their gold and inflation gets softer.

Remember inflation also increases if no one trades/spends their money on something.

So the average player would take a small hit over KR since they have Akkan/Brel/Clown

The thing is honing isn’t the only struggle a new player has, so if by Brel you aren’t already a capped out super roster like most of the remaining players will be, this will sting even with the honing nerfs. They’ll still need gold to kit themelves out.

Honestly we’re looking a year long recovery even if they did something today, it’s hard to see how the game will look in the summer.

New players Shouldn’t be competing with hard core day 1 grinders. It’s just not possible in any MMO. And 5x3 will get cheaper to get once ancient drops.

Agreed they shouldn’t but sadly lost ark’s progression path doesn’t really provide a long drawn out player experience filled with things to do while you slowly catch up to everybody.

Day 1 Grinders and someone who started last week both run the same content today. This will start to expand a bit with Akkan and also with Ancient gear as you say they’ll be easier to kit out but if they nerf at Brel+ and we’re still another 4 months from there to Akkan, it’s still going to be a dark period for us.