Hangs, Crashes, and Boss Rush Tickets

First, just recently there’d been hangs and crashes of the game which happens usually in between getting off a raid or dungeon and back into city maps. This is new, usually issue like these happened during raids and dungeons.

Second, there have been no “Boss Rush ticket” drops at all. Just spent the last week, with 7 characters, gone into Chaos Dungeons and whatnot twice per day per character, I received no Boss Rush Ticket whatsoever, you may want to look into that. The same problem may be affecting Cube tickets too. So we can’t finish our weekly Guild tasks without these tickets!!

Have a wonderful holiday and may 2023 brings the players much better honing RNG!

I think you just got bad luck… Cause every day I drop cube tickets.
Boss rush tickets are a lot more harder to drop. But im aware that it’s bad luck of my part