Happy. Buying this. One Issue: character damage feedback is missing

I found out about this game one day before beta. Which is weird, because I stay tuned to news like crazy. Luckily got a key. Got my friends in the game. I’m buying this for certain, Platinum package, I love this so much.

But, my one ongoing concern: Please give me more feedback when I’m taking damage! Suddenly I’ve lost a good portion of my health, and there are many game mechanics out there that tell me I’m taking damage, the fact that I don’t even know I’m taking damage until my health bar is missing a big chunk is a really weird omission.

Is there any plan to fix this?


I’d have to agree. Sometimes I don’t even notice when the small health bar is just missing a huge chunk. Maybe some sort of flashing or something on the screen would help.

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it’s by design

It’s very clear when you take damage, big red numbers, screen shake, screen flash and collision feedback/pushback.
Maybe you are not used to ARPGs HP bar being on bottom left?
Nevertheless you will get used in no time, the game is mostly about dodging than tanking, since there are a huge number of high damaging mechanics and one shots in the late game.

Weird, it’s been one of the most “talked about” mmos since it first trailer in 2014.

Not here in the USA apparently, or I saw it, saw it wasn’t in NA and forgot shrug

But I see none of those indicators except health gone from my bar, maybe there’s a bug in the beta?

Can you show where that has been stated by smilegate devs somewhere?

You can put your own HP bar above your character if you want. There’s an option in the menu

Thanks for the tip. Yes, I have done that, and that’s the only help so far.

Thanks for the link, I didn’t realize that was a SmileGate site. However, this page says nothing about how the game displays damage to the character, that page is all about Monster-related UI… What are you seeing on that page that answers my concern?