Happy Harvesting Complete Quest

Having problems finding this quest so I can create the farm on Stronghold.

How do I get this quest, where do I need to go, and how easy is it to do.

I know this may be a dumb question but I have been searching online for 2 hours looking for the information as to where to look and what to do but all I get is visit here and there but I do not find a location to actually get the quest itself. Now if any of you wonderful people know could you please help me, then I will be able to explain to my group how they can obtain the same quest so they can move forward in the game as well.

Thanks if you can help :laughing:

I‘m really not too sure about it, but I think there was a minimum stronghold level. And after reaching the threshold I think you get the quest at your maid.

But again, it is long ago that I got the farm, so not too sure about it ^^

Yeah, i think its stronghold lvl 10 or 12, and then you have to research 1 or 2 thinga first to unlock it.

Farm and island related research which lasts 8+ hours i think