Happy Lunar/Chinese New Year Lost Ark

Happy new year to all, I hope this year will bring in many changes like less Bots and more new players. Since it’s the Year of the Rabbit, I hope lost ark breeds like bunnies and many new players join us in this wonderful world, maybe my encounter with all the bunnies, earlier was a forth coming to the year of the bunny picture at bottom, I am happy with the new year skin but it’s to bad that we didn’t get a new bunny pet or Bunny Mount I think that would be Funny instead of the tiger mount since Tiger was last year but I guess that is a way to say good bye to the Year of the tiger but I think it was mostly laziness. With that said it is still early and who knows maybe Prime Loot or Twitch drops will have something coming, who else would like a new pet bunny or mount for the start of this new year?

I wish you all the best in Lost Ark, Happy New Year to you all.

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Wow look at all those new players!

I wonder how much life energy you need to hunt all those rabbits?

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Awww, it’s hkdjdjxjxkdkzzdk and his friends and his friend’s friends :partying_face:


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