Happy of patch but we deserved it

yep. :slight_smile:

whole lovely community deserved this patch old and new players

thank you amazon for spoon feeding us

but we need more,

give me the reaper class


Never Happy, always whining,


basically true

We got an amazing update today, calm yourself down and enjoy it

>comes to forum to ask for his “main” even though he never played the class
>gets reaper
>dies cuz skill issue
>realizes reaper is not as fun as expected, and is actually really hard since is as squishy as a Bard with Grudge
>comes to forums once again to ask for a buff

i mean considering that the only good thing that benefits everyone that came out of this patch was the global honning buff which isnt even as good as the real global honning buff i would understand why some people would still complain while saying this is the best patch ever.

imagine having horrible record with players that you get praised by everyone for what some would call a mediocre patch if only we had a consistent good patching history

Skins and global buff was nice yes but im not that happy that i already spend quite abit of money on skins :sweat_smile:

What about the new challenge abyssal dungeons as well as keeping the challenge guardian raids? the inferno mode? the new class? 2 power passes for free? a new event and store items? sorry you are so miserable, find another game

oh yes, we have old korean events and basic features, what a great job, what’s next? t2 kaisar raid being added and getting praised for it? lol
do you even understand what

it means something that everyone’s been asking for and benefits everyone equally.

how does that benefit everyone?
how does that add to the patch making it a really good patch when everyone already knows it was coming?

wait, are you really impressed they kept their word and released the content they promised this time so you’re praising them for releasing the class they said they will release? lmao

dude people arent impressed or praising the patch because it contained stuff people already know about, people say the patch is pretty good because it had some features no one knew about, while it is expected of any decent publisher/developer to get out decent patches, nothing was expected out of AGS/SG, that’s why everyone is impressed they were half competent for once.

releasing content you already said will be released isnt impressive, saying you will release 1 class every month is what people would give them praise for, not releasing the class they said they will

i am still laughing that you’re praising the patch for doing what they promised it will do

do i need to quote this again?

like most people are barely even doing valtan nm if they even reached it, and you’re talking about hell mode as something that benefits everyone lol

pretty sure we got 1 power pass, didnt we?
and if we did that’s what they promised
and people were expecting a 1415 pass not a yoho pass, so i have no idea why do you see that as a praise worthy thing.

they released the pass they promised, and it was way less than what everyone was expecting, how is that an amazing thing? lol

yes, like all the other regions? like any other game?
like i am honestly starting to feel you’re just listing what’s in the patch, not what people are praising AGS for.

apology not accepted.

i already praised the patch and called it the best patch they ever released in another thread and said it’s only missing a couple of things that would have made it an actual great patch and redeem everything they did since release.

but guess you cant understand the difference between a great patch, a decent patch, or simply just releasing content that was promised anyway lol.

like yes this is the best patch they released so far, it’s not the perfect patch, it does not redeem them, but for whoever is still playing the game this is probably the best they have ever gotten out of this release.

i mean i already did, many actually, i have been buying so many games and played non since this game was talking all my gaming time daily and if you have a life you cant really play this game next to another game unless you really push yourself and do nothing except work and play games, so thanks for you concern, i kinda “soft quit?” the game and actually have time to play the other 100+ games that i already bought like an idiot and never played this year.

i doubt you will even read or ********* anything i just said lol


You’re right, I am not reading all that. I skimmed it, and you are latching onto the idea that the game must deliver an update containing features that benefit everyone (No idea why). collectively, the update has a range of updates that affects players at different levels. Well, all except for you.

Move on to another game, because this game will do nothing right for you.

you can’t not read then say i am thinking this or that since you clearly have no idea what i am talking about.

no i am not, like i said, you will not read or understand what i said and now you’re proving it lol.

which is not what anyone is discussing, but like i said before^

like i said before

You’re off your rocker, son. I see you are excited about learning how to use the quote feature. Congrats. You should develop your new love further and dissect individual letters from words too. I don’t read what you write because your quality of writing, plus your combativeness is not worth reading.

" Are NA players Entitled?"



Much love for you

ps : lailai

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Welcome back from your vacation. I hope it was chilled and relaxing.

Sing brother!

We’re here for more sloppy seconds. The grub is good but it could be better. The biscuit is stale but with butter it would taste smoother. Don’t forget about the milk. We wouldn’t want it to get it spoiled now. What else is there or is that everything? Let’s see… we forgot a bunch of stuff but this will have to do.

All in all. There’s a lot of things that we still need but with what we have it’s better than previous but it still needs to improve.

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I’m happy in general… Pheons are too expensive, having to do raids 2x per character is grindy and unfun, and obviously the lack of supports are a problem for raids. If those 3 things were sorted, I would have serious problems finding something to moan about.

hiii, missed you :hearts:
after a bit over a month i finally managed to do it yesterday, i am proud of myself to have finally let go of my fomo lol
unfortunately whenever i press F to go to facebook it brings me here lol

i’ll probably come back next year with the 1460 express event to try vykas and whatever, you probably wont be still playing the game but just wanted to say.

now it’s time for the harder quit, to quit the forums lol