Hard Vykas Gigachad Tips

So ive cleared hard mode Vykas with guild group tooday G1 G2 and G3 after a total of 8 hours ( all 3 gates ) Highest ilvl player 1480

Gate 1 - Hp pots, Time stop potions, Marching Flag/ Sprinters Robe, Whirlwind Granade

  1. if u already dont know that - give siderial skills to the team that is fighting Purple Jhin boss because he automatically has more hp bars to dps down - so ideally put your better dps players in 1 group and worse ones in second group so its easier to dps the Purple guy down ( he has like 200 milion more hp and he has 10 more hp bars since u start the fight on Blue Jhin and that makes it easier to reach 30 hp bars on both of them to start the next split phase ) Use Nineveh siderial on the 3 purple lines and standing in front of him later mechanic thats the best point to use Nineveh. Or you can split your team with 1 best dps in gr 1 and 1 best dps in group 2 so they have equal damage ish

  2. If you have problems doing the Velganos pizza mechanic just dont do it- drag the orb far away from your group so it does not kill anybody and use time stop potion just before the explosion or ask support for a big shield / ultimate

  3. Catching Orbs - as you all know blue orbs are at 11 and 5 and black orbs are on 13 and 7 if u cant see your orb color going back to you it means it goes all the way forward 5-0 , when it goes back its usually 3-2

Gate 2 - Hp pots, Time stop potions, Marching Flag/Sprinters Robe, 4 th slot anything u want

If you have many melee dps players they will hate that boss and hate their life after that gate its very melee unfriendly boss u can be knocked up multiple times knocked down multiple times dont worry u were not the only one flying 24/7 on that gate

  1. The pink circle mechanic the big boom - if u EVER see that near the boss get the … away from it as soon as you see it cancel your skills cancel anything what ur doing RUN away - because it doesnt matter who has that pink circle every player that touches it makes it explode right away and u all will die most likely

2.The Clone mechanic at 120 hp bars - assign player in numbers from gr 1 to gr 2 going from 1 to 5 to pick up the red and purple stones and 6 7 8 check the Wings ( if u are pugging someone HAS TO type in chat super fast or make a macro on alt 1 for red alt 2 for purple ) to tell people where to go if raid leader types red go to 2 wings then 1 and 0 if there is more purple go to 0 ,1 and 2 and LET THE PLAYERS that check the wings PING - nobody else pings untill they do
3 Red player with 2 wings has to ping first then go to 1 and 0
3 Purple player with 0 wings has to ping first then 1 and 2

  1. 65 hp bar mechanic the red black orb pattern - ( have time stop potions ) they are not always needed when ur group is gigabrain and u got 3 players that can type 5- BRBBR or 11 RRBBR or 7 RBRBB for example -
    People with group numer 1 go to 11 hour clone 2 goes to 5, 3 goes to 7 and number 4 are the floaters ( floaters help to soak the orbs where 3 players are needed ) OR when they dont understand how this works or they are dead u can take Orb twice one normally and second one using time stop just before it hits you but do it closer to the boss u gotta have good timing tho because time stop has to end before red orb comes out and kills you if the sequence in for example BRBBR ) Let the group where 3 players are needed after they type ping where they need 3 rd player

Theoretically u can even take 3 Orbs solo if u are in a “situation” - take first orb normally, eat the splendid panacea just before the second orb so it removes your debuff and block the second debuff from the second orb, and u get 3 rd orb normally also

  1. After that NEVER and i mean NEVER use your spacebar to stand up after u get knocked down or whatever ONLY USE IT when u have the 2 purple lasers and u are knocked down, u gotta move to the end of the map not facing your raid otherwise you will place the purple jelly orb in the middle of the map this will stun your party members and they will simply die because of that

Gate 3.- HP Pots, Sleeping bombs ( they break mind controll ) Time stop potions and Whirlwind Granades

Id recommend your whole party to be stacked at all times it makes countering her MUCH easier because after she fades away and appears in a random spot she will be always facing your stacked raid so u just spacebar to her and counter ( scrappers and wardancers are really good at doing that )

175 Puddles - no need to explain that

155 Swords - ONLY 2 players with lust meter 70% or above or 3 players at max ping where the swords are and u go where the clone and sword is

135 Typing check - well fast fingers FTW reset at north yellow Orb go there after 2 rows of puddles fall down use Nineveh siderial as soon as u see her in the middle after the typing check

120 Stack for charm with pink puddles - it usually happens right before the counter so u can assign 1 swift counter god to counter her so she doesnt do anything for this few seconds just before the pink puddles explode and makes everyone MC’d

100 Stagger - reset your lust meter on west, DONT RUSH too early to reset when u see her teleporting to the middle THEN go to the Orb click it and reset u have plenty of time to get ready, stagger the boss and it all depends how fast u do it because u have 2 choices here u use time stop potion to prevent death from explosions from the 2 mobs that are on the sides of the map OR you assign 2 players with 70% lust meter or more to kill the 2 mobs that are doing the explosion damage ( its way better and easier just to stagger her and time stop 1 second or 2 seconds after she is staggered not to die )

75 Puddles - no need to explain that

55/52 Tentacles - try to save ultimates or high damage skills they do have quite a bit of health like 4 milion ish and there is 8 of them if u have too much problems doing those u can use Nineveh to kill 3 tentacles at the bottom but keep in mind that you NEED WEI for 0 hp bars mechanic so slow down your dps after that if u got too much or do it normally. If u decide to use Nineveh be aware of the fact that it increases the chances of the “random” mechanics below. And if u use Nineveh and u do not stop dps u will not have Wei for 0 hp bars mechanic and u will be able to use Wei after she does the first puddles on all players u move them to the end of the map because they grow and you will get mind controlled in seconds after that ( thats the point where u can use Wei to finish her off we just tested this tooday it makes Tentacles easier but u gotta FOCUS on 0 hp bars mechanic )

40 Orbs ( hard mode only ) low lust meter needed to soak with space bar 4 red orbs will spawn while boss is in the middle on 11,2,5,7

10 hp bars - reset your lust meter on the east orb BUT NOT FULLY reset most of it but NOT ALL OF IT because u gotta have at least SOME lust meter to do any damage to the boss otherwise if u reset fully u wont do ANY damage and if u dont do any damage and she is at 10 hp bars or more it only increases the chances of Ghosts or Medusa mechanic which is s tragedy at this point
So reset to like 10% lust meter or 20% and nuke her down to 0 ASAP

0 walk slowly towards the boss ( u can see where the real boss is on the minimap ) with the black puddle going from the middle to the boss so your lust meter goes down but do not reset it to 0 after the puddle reaches the boss get behind her fast use Wei bombs and all stagger skills u got - boom done

Both these below are random mechanics they can happen but it really depends on your dps - the more dps u got the better ofc if u can push her from mechanic to mechanic you will never see either, my group personally only had 1 Medusa mechanic throuout the whole fight where we did the time stop potion strategy below

U can encounter Ghosts players with 70% lust meter or higher can see them only safe spot is on the most south point on the map

Medusa mechanic - use time stop potion like 1 second after she soaks 4 red lines animation and NEVER look at her NOBODY can look at her if u wanna make it this way

I know it sounds easy but it really is easy :slight_smile:

If you have any questions i will try to answear those below
Edit: Tooday ( 07.07 ) we cleared all 3 gates on hard in 2.5 hours i changed few things here in the guide so read it again if u need to :slight_smile:

EDIT: Little Edit about the panacea strategy on Gate 2


Amazing explanation. Well done

Thank you

I did not see you talking about a jellyfish

jellyfish u mean the Ghost probably on G3 that only players with 70% lust meter are able to see u mean those ?

Yes it’s a jellyfish I just noticed it. My mistake

Excellent tips, got a question with players who got charmed, any idea what pally skill can help without sleep potions? i know some other players can cc or stunn, but everytime when i tried to throw my boom, 90% melee would cc and one-shot me lmao my group most of the issue was after tentacles, and often have few got charmed:rofl:

Paladin and Bard has a support skill that blocks 1 debuff effect so technically they should remove it from their tripod for this fight because it prevents the sleeping bomb from working and probably it prevents party members with this buff from being stunned i dunno 100% about the stun tho
But if he has this buff up and u throw sleeping bomb on them this just wont work

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if u have any kind of stun u can try to stun them but i dont think you have a stun as a paladin
Just unlucky u are getting oneshoted not much u can do about it
When someone gets charmed during the tentacles its most likely a wipe because he is gonna kill 1,2 players he will not finish his tentacles he was assigned to and well this is just unlucky

Dude the number of people who are incapable of doing the typing mech blow my mind. I just don’t understand how you can fail it

The 1.5 second one is impossible, but all after are doable

It happened to me that I threw a bomb at someone and it did not work. You know what ability it is so we know what’s going on.

Lol they are sitting on the keyboard

I wrote it in one of the comments about Bard,Paladin skills :slight_smile:

Yesterday I threw and I 2 friends a sleeping bomb on Bard and then it affected him he was immune

He had tripod that blocks 1 debuff :slight_smile: he should remove it on that fight

Paladin and Bard has a support skill that blocks 1 debuff effect

Just bard.

Paladin has cleanse, as in one negative debuff gets removed when the shield is cast.
Same for Gunlancer shield.

Paladin’s shield actually has 3 great options on second tripod level.

  1. Cleanse.
  2. 2s longer duration.
  3. 2s shorter, but double the amount.

So if you don’t need debuff removal, you take double the amount and watch out when someone’s about to get hit, shield is like 40k, so negates most things. But lats only 4 seconds.

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Id love to see Artist as a support on this boss but seems like its not gonna happen anytime soon :frowning:

Few people did messege me about being “stuck” on Gate 2 because of Berserk
I mean there is nothing u can do about it your dps performance is simply not enaugh ( ive seen people using dark granades in groups literally rotating them to keep the debuff as much as possible )
And on Gate 3 in multiple stages - all i can tell you is " if u wipe it enaugh times u will remember it for a long time " thats all - just go again and again and again untill u do it

, Gate 3. I do not think there is a need for support. As if it’s more to think about damage - and Stagger the boss