Harmony Island Needs to Change


It seems this island is only available at the weekend during the day. So people who work, have social lives & kids etc wont be able to do this island. Which I wouldn’t really care about if it was the case of just unlocking an island token.

However it locks you from finishing “Song of the azure wind”. Which awards 10 leapstones, and 10 charisma point potion. The potion being the amount a lot of people will need to get enough Charisma to rappor upgrades for some NPC’s. Also it stops you completing the welcome challenge which is 12k life shards. Which while not a lot, with this honing system every little helps.

Why is this in the game? I understand islands having timings is part of the game. However weekend only and daytime hours is not good. It should either be daily, every other day or at least on the days it is open be every hour or something.

Please fix this.