Harmony shards disappeared after buying 5/20/22

Knowledge transferred a new destroyer and went to go level him up. Bought out the harmony shards from the boat in the harbor and bought some from the chiking npc. Like 9 bags total and consumed them. System shows I consumed them BUT they just disappeared!

Is this a new bug introduced in the last patch? Either way, I want my shards folks. Not threatening to rage quit or talk smack about the game. It’s kinda awesome. But, losing things you pay for in-game is no fun, at all Smilegate/AGS.

Fix the issue and refund my shards. How am I supposed to upgrade if they disappear? A bit scared to run chaos to upgrade and they disappear too. I’m sure to lost my progress on that for the day. So I’ll rest him until this is fixed. Sheesh!

did you enter a dungeon or teleport somewhere like right after you tried consuming them? This is a good way to lose your shards.


Did you perhaps forget to summon pet and just walked away from shards on the ground?

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^ I was going to ask the same thing, If you did not have a pet, They were not picked up. And if you left that map. Sucks for you lol

Pet was summoned. So, that wasn’t it.

Was waiting for the snarky troll comments to come. Pet was summoned. They disappeared as if they were picked up, as usual. That is how pets work, right? LOL right back at you.