Harmony Shards disappeared

After my daily runs of Chaos Dungeon I went to the honing NPC just to realize all my Harmony Shards disappeared. Not close to 0 but exactly 0, without honing anything. I had around 15 thousand shards and they are all gone now.

EU West
Server: Stonehearth
Character: Qurya

This issue has appeared really often and not a single thread got answered:

I can only post 2 links so just search for “harmony shards disappeared” and you will find quite a lot here and on reddit. What is going on? Will they re-appear? Are they gone forever? Will they disappear again if i collect some again?


This also happened to me. Done some island quests and went to Vern Castle honing NPC and I saw that my harmony shards count is 0. I’m %100 sure I had more than 2000 at that point but don’t remember the exact count obviously.

EU West
Server: Shadespire
Character: Estienne

Please help!