Harmony shards not shared

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i am not sure if this is just a bug or not but the fact that harmony shards (same for tier 2 and 3) are not shared with the account, has a bitter taste. I didn’t knew this before and have 28k left on my main character which i can’t use anymore because i am at tier 2. My second char need them so badly. it would be nice if this currency would be shared like the others.

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did u ever get a response to this?
i never knew it was not shared either for the same reason that it’s a currency. so i’ve been popping the chests on my main to save space and now have 105k on my main that’s tier2. :sob:

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Yeah unfortunately there is nothing you can do since the shards are bound to your character.

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Yeah I think you should atleast be able to exchange leftover bound materials for chaos shards or something… they feel so wasted just siting there with nothing to use them on, like at a bad exchange rate or something but atleast be able to get something for your alts, i mean a couple of jewlery pices or whatever would feel better then nothing

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My shards are stuck on an alt and my main could really use them, and even would have probably been T2 before today maintenance, causing the loss of a week of purchasable T2 mats (but it s fine, salt and tears are not bound).

The fact I want to point is that the shards are worth real money, or can be purchased in the in game shop to be more specific.

I could say that’s it is on purpose or whatever but I don t think it is. A lot of tooltips could be added in the game and this is just one of those lacking.

And here I see no answer or reaction to a subject relative to ig economy and a purchasable currency and I am quit surprised.

Yeppp! Agreed on this! As per my post, there are so many items that says untradable but you’re able to put them on your roster inventory and share them with your other alts except those shards/mats

I would like a shard exchange, so like 5k shards for a 1k roster bound M pouch in T1 and T2 and maybe 1k shards for 200 shards pouch in T3. Would solve so maybe issues and actually make it possible to farm all the materials for a new class coming later. Right now im saving some T1 and T2 stones for Destroyer, but I can’t really farm the shard pouches outside buying it from store or the market place (at least as far as i know of anyway)

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I have 75k on my main… I didn’t even open all the chest I’ve received…
This is just another frustrating sh*t…

Anything to get you to swipe

It’s not only unfair and inconsistent, but also causes confusion. Because every currency is shared between your characters, then suddenly there is an exception for shards. Many players didn’t know and now my t3 main has 105k t2 shards while my alt has nothing to level up. And it’s even more stupid that there is NOTHING i can đo with those 105k shards. COME ON. At least let us covert or sell them for another currency or items. This doesn’t make any sense. These ‘bound’ things are really a stupid unnecessary trap. WHY???

There is only one explanation… swipe bait.

This is way to punishing honestly. Being new I farmed all the islands then loaded my main with the shards not thinking they weren’t shared, as they appear in the currency window obviously. But not the case they are hard bound to your character.
Someone said they come in chests at first ( i couldn’t really remember) that are roster bound, from islands anyways. So i basically wasted a ton of island rewards. Sucks, but not bad enough I’d start over on another server.

As much as the Tower isn’t great content imo, alts get loads of mats from doing it. Once it is cleared, any other character that clears it has the rewards changes to just mats. Did Fatespire on my ilvl 1080 Paladin today and got the mats to push him into T3. If you haven’t tried the Tower, you should at least take a look at it.

Tried tower for Tier 1, cleared all 50. It wasn’t enough to push 600.
If you trade a bit of gold for crystals, 5000 shards costs 45 crystals from what I’m seeing which isn’t too bad. but If you don’t have gold doesn’t help I guess.

I feel like most of us eventually found out ourselves that it wasn’t shared, but I don’t mind too much. At worst it’s my OCD itching about the harmony and life shards I can’t get rid of. Hopefully they eventually implement some exchange system to convert them to honor shards or other form of currency.

Cries in 140k T1 &T2 Shards

I oppose it being shared, grind on every character.

But it’ll be cool to enable option to trade them in for silver at 1 to 5 silver

Was under the impression these were roster wide as well. Get it the hell out of the roster currency if that’s the case, and turn it into a bound item.