Harsh Oath Launcher Has Wrong Skin!

I have an issue where my Harsh Oath Launcher skin is identical to the Platinum Complimentary Weapon skin launcher. Just a different color.

Thanks for reporting this! What server was this on? Also, when did this start happening to you?

Galatur. This happened on August 15th at 10:00 server time.

Thank you! I’ll send this over to the development team.

@Centeotl I was supposed to hear from representative about this a while back. They still haven’t emailed. Do you happen to have an update on whether it will be fixed on reset or maybe later?

I forgot to link to the other post in game support english feedback. Here it is:
Harsh Oath Weapon Has Wrong Skin! - Game Support / English Support - Lost Ark Forums (playlostark.com)

Unfortunately I have no further updates regarding this problem at this time.