Harvesting Guardian Souls Shouldn't Require Clicking the Soul

Hi all.

I wanted to share some recent frustrations surrounding the random extra clicks / confirmations you have to do in the game. They are all over the place once you start to notice them, and one of the most impactful ones is guardian raids.

TL;DR: Guardian souls blend in with their environment, are not loud enough, and are very easily missed if you are even slightly distracted after killing the guardian boss. If you forget to click the soul, you’re out of luck. There goes one of your daily loot attempts. It is not a good system for distributing rewards after putting in 10-20 minutes of effort. Because the human brain can only focus on so much, and because we checkmark a box that says we want to harvest the soul before entering, there are so many opportunities for distraction and missing the soul harvest after the boss.

When I queue up for a guardian raid, I am required to either check or uncheck a box that says, “Harvest Guardian Soul”. This is what tells the game you want loot from that boss when (if) you kill it. If we have to confirm whether or not we want the soul when we Q, why on earth do we have to physically click the soul in the raid instance after killing the boss. Why doesn’t the game just harvest the soul automatically when it sees the checkbox is checked?

This is extremely frustrating because it leads to tons of missed harvests, where in the cluster of congratulation screens at the end of the raid, it’s extremely easy to forget to click the guardian soul before leaving the raid.

Why doesn’t the “leave” button gray out and become unclickable until you harvest the soul?

Why does the MVP screen cover the entire screen AFTER the guardian soul has spawned, drawing your attention off of the soul even if you noticed it beforehand?

Why doesn’t the soul emit a much louder, more obvious noise if you haven’t collected it but are still standing inside the instance?

How come the soul can sometimes spawn INSIDE the corpse of the boss, where you cannot see it?

I have missed at least 5 soul harvests while having the box checked. These are not re-doable. If you enter the raid with the box checked and forget to physically interact with the guardian soul, it will strike off one of your daily loot attempts. You cannot get that loot back, it is not mailed to you, it’s just wasted.

Other games have extra steps too. The problem is that this game doesn’t have consistency in how the loot is distributed. In games like WoW, it’s either a loot chest at the end, or the enemies are clickable to loot. That behavior is ingrained from the outset of playing. For this game, you are not introduced to harvesting souls until you reach endgame guardian bosses, meaning there is NOT a muscle memory to doing this.

PLEASE consider this quality of life change. If I enter a guardian raid with the harvest box checkmarked, I want loot. Don’t make me have to remember to click a tiny glowing orb after the boss is dead 15 minutes later. The mind wanders, it’s easy to forget. This system is unforgiving sometimes.


Additional justification:

This is exactly where I was standing when the boss died, and the guardian soul spawned OFF SCREEN. With all of the other sounds and effects on my screen, I ALMOST left without harvesting again. At this distance from the soul, it barely makes any noise.

It’s extremely easy to forget that you have to loot when you just spent 15 intense minutes learning new mechanics, practicing a new alt, etc. This loot should just drop from the boss, not from a clickable object.


Oh, I thought we were just missing a soul my last raid but apparently this happened to me as well. The soul spawned off screen/in an unclickable area.

If anything, if that is too hard of a fix to implement they can simply make it not take an entry as “Harvest Soul” if you don’t click the orb. Not sure if that’d be game breaking I’m still fairly new to the game.


That is how it works. If you don’t soul harvest, it doesnt eat your daily bonus

It uses your bonus. Even when you dont harvest the soul it will use your bonus.


I’ve lost 4-5 souls because for some reason this thing i’ve clearly indicated that I want isn’t looted by my cat, which loots everything else in the game for me. Very frustrating and bad design the way it’s currently implemented.


What is the use case for checking the box, spending a daily harvest, and not picking up the soul?

Automate the looting of souls or simply che k when I actually loot one and do away with the checkbox

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False. It consumes charges and first kill bonus loot. 10 + times so far between alts. Manually looting isn’t something that exists in this game… Except for guardian raids…


There needs to be something done to prevent missed soul harvests

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I completely agree! Hope they consider offering us an automatic loot function.

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It is complete, straight forward insanity that through the thousands upon thousands of complaints about this it still has not been addressed by the game devs. This is so offensive. Not only is it the only place in the game you have to loot, not only does it CONSUME THE DAILY SOUL COUNT STILL EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T LOOT??? NOT ONLY DOES IT NOT GO TO YOUR MAILBOX??? But it has been a huge complaint for 4 years… are you kidding me? What a joke.


Agree with this 100%, I just don’t get why soul harvesting has to be manually done when others being automatically looted. This just makes me sometimes forget about the stupid thing. It is not even that some will decide not to harvest on purpose because you will lose the chance as soon as the boss is killed and not by harvesting. This is so annoiyng especially when you are progressing and every single honing material is more important. Hope this gets addressed by the devs.

It exists in some contents like field dungeons but then some field dungeons are automatically looted and for some you have to open the reward chest. This just don’t make sense and I don’t know why it hasn’t been fixed for game that is old enough.

This is infuriating, 4 years without a FIX?
What kind of lazy devs are these?

You not only spent more than 10 minutes
to kill a boss, but when it’s done u can lose the loot cuz the devs refuse to implement a auto-loot feature for raids?

4 years without this been addressed? HELLOW?

When the community is not heard by the devs it’s when the game starts to derailed.

I left the box checked because logically, I could just not loot the souls, I thought. Wrong. Wasted rest bonuses and wasted time doing a raid just to unlock a higher tier guardian raid that I actually wanted to loot.

Makes absolutely no sense to require souls to be harvested when it uses up your daily harvest regardless of whether you actually harvest the boss or not.

Basically, they have the worst of all worlds possible. Harvesting as a mechanic offers nothing. If checking the box decides everything, then the harvest action is silly. Either harvest and use up the opportunity to do a higher tier raid, or don’t harvest and leave the opportunity to run and harvest a different boss.

Using up the opportunity to do so for nothing is asinine design.

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the extend people go to cover up their own stupidity is amazing.

there should be a 4th version of the game for those people that just give them every loot in the game as a login reward automatically and equips it for them and also automatically equips the best engravings and cards and also the ability to oneshot every boss in the game.

because everything else would just be too much effort.

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Please mail these too us, its the only loot we pick up in the game and heavily punishes us. If not, let us raid again. It doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t follow the game design at all. Stuff happens and you forget, why punish???

This is really bad design especially that u dont have to do it in other types of similar content like chaos and abyssal dungeons

I will say if you go to leave the raid, the game always stops you and says make sure you have harvested your souls. They give you a warning. (this may not be the case with the song of escape if that is how you leave, I don’t).

Tip 1 Wait for a bit to leave the raid. Boss will disappear and orbs will stay behind.
Tip 2 Also if you look at the minimap when the raid is over the guardian soul is a big yellow ball that you can see clearly something is there. From what I can at least in my raids not sure if standard they don’t spawn on top of you, I could be mistaken though.

I could understand mailing and stuff if they didn’t warn you or if it was a harder thing but when you start these you know if you selected to harvest you have to pick up your souls.