Has anyone else noticed that the people voting to abort the dungeon/raid are usually the poorest performing player?

I can’t be the only one to notice that the people spamming quit/abort are also the ones who died 3 times in a Guardian Raid or died 1 minute into the fight in an Abyssal Raid.

Do they not want a free carry? Or are they too embarrassed that they would rather not clear the raid AND ruin it for three other people than to get carried?


I feel that dude. I’ve seen it happen a couple times but what I see more is people who have experience in abyss raids requesting to quit after like 10 wipes because 2 or more players can’t do mechanics even after we explain it to them…


Today was probably the worst for that on the ocean raids on an alt. I just did matchmaking because they are pretty simple.

The first friggen water one we actually had to call group! With 2 T3s even. It was usually the same 3 of us alive at the end and the spam of quit dungeon (which is fking obtrusive). Was flabbergasted you can even lose on that fight.

We had this person run to the start zone even though 2 people announced they were new/first time (which is NOT an issue). This was the ball rotating boss that wipes ya if you do it wrong. Sorry no clue on names, they dont matter. Needless to say not only did we wipe on it a few times (the dude was standing in the lightning ring and just straight missed order) but it probably put a bad taste in the poor beginner’s first times at that content. They even did it correctly after the 2nd/3rd try. Honestly that made me more annoyed than dying.

3rd was fine, just did an alt run. Someone ran a freezing ring into the middle as a staggercheck was happening…it happens.

I really try to be a nice person but there are times when I wish you could just kick someone and have another get drafted in.

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I think in general people give up too easily. This applies both in and out of game. Not judging anyone’s individual performance when I say that, just an observation.

maybe they are embarrassed that they are a floormat and wanna get out of the party asap

You cant play that sword one alone

I think this is a good assessment.

Well, idk about poorest performing but certainly the loudest.