Has anyone found a solution to twitch drops?


Has anyone found a solution to twitch drops?
I made another character on another server and they appeared there, but not on the server with my main character.

Edit later:


You can pick up Twitch drop only on one server. Did you claim the gift? If yes, that’s it, it will stay there.

Nope, I didn’t claimed them, they only shown in that special inventory ready to be claimed. That’s what I was saying, They appear there on another server, but not where I have the main character. I don’t want to claim where I don’t play actively.

I edited the post by adding 2 photos. I didn’t claimed them. That character is newly made and I don’t understand why they appear on him and only on him.

Have you tried making an alt on main server? logging it in, to see if it appears in mailbox, then log in main?

I’ll try when the servers are online. I have a few characters there, but I checked only one. Unfortunately in the last 3-4 days I really couldn’t get a minute into the game due to queues or the servers errors. I hope that at least tonight I can enter for 5 minutes at least to check the problem …

I switched servers a few days ago and not sure if my solution below fixed it or if I just had to wait a day for the servers to catch up but I had everything ready to claim afterwards.

Move your cursor over the green exclamation mark next to “Product Info” it says that you can’t claim items if you have more than 50 slots full of items in your inventory (so 5 full rows) and I also think this might prevent them from displaying if your inventory is too full.

I moved most of the items to my stash and afterwards all claimable rewards showed up for me.

Okay, I’ll try this after maintenance (I hope I can enter for at least 5 minutes). Thank you!