Has anyone gotten re-entry tix that wasn't delivered immediately

I’m actually curious if anyone in the community gotten a re-entry ticket for a raid but the ticket didn’t show up immediately but rather you got a few hours or a day after the incident. Just curious since EAC bugged out my vykas gate 2 so I can’t progress any further with it and support telling me that it could be sent within 48hours when, at least in my personal experience, that system has always been an immediate delivery of the ticket when the incident happens

Yes I did

Abyss Dungeon Oreha ticket came back the next day

I got disconnected on a Valtan normal g2 fight and couldnt collect rewards.

Ticket came 2 days later.

2 weeks ago had a eac disconnect at the start of my plat fields, which closed the istance when i logged back in. 3 days later i got a ticket refund

may i ask if u dc and team still clear the raid u still got ticket back?

yeah i dc’d in the middle of gate 2 because of the EAC offline error came back right after they cleared it and got the gate cleared message but couldnt collect rewards and they couldn’t go to the next gate because i was still in the party inside the raid. No ticket was sent to me

I had a replacement boss rush ticket show up after I woke up the next day.

I got dc’d, team cleared raid, couldnt collect rewards and 2 days later I got a re-entry ticket.

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It was my case too. 1~2h after

i’ve gotten one.

oreha. I wrong queued to normal, was meant to do hard. i begged the group to quit, they don’t wan’t too. so i change character and do my dailies with my other alts.

when returned to my 1st alt it’s already back in town. and no reentry ticket. i thought oh maybe the 3 guy decided to finish the dungeon and finished it without me.

6 hours later got the ticket in the mail. lol. guess they quit too afterall

i got kicked by griefers in cube 3x and got tickets in a day or so