Has anyone heard an update on Error 10010?

24 hours later and myself and many other players still can’t log in with our main IPs. I’m hoping a moderator can update us because this is getting ridiculous.


They simply dont care about it. The lack of communication is just unreal

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It’s really annoying for now, playing on NA East, living here and getting this connection error just feels weird. Tried everything out from restarting, flushing DNS, reinstalling and more. Aside from getting a different ISP it just feels bad to login and see the error message. I get that they’re trying really hard to ban bots, no VPNs, but when it hits regular people with no update. Feels bad man. No lailai.


3 people in my guild, myself included, were experiencing this issue. 2 were resolved as of last night, but I’m still seeing this 10010 VPN error. Hopefully things are getting fixed gradually and my turn comes soon.

AGS/SGR, I just want to mention that this IP ban did NOTHING but hurt real players.

Same here, the issue persists after the maintenance from before. The devs don’t acknowledge the issue and don’t provide explanation to why it’s happening to players in the US playing on the NA server. And apparently there are still a lot of bots in the game atm.

Thanks Lost Ark team, I think I am ready to go(how many people feel the same way) - #8 by yamyan93 check this out, it might solve the issue temperately

I’m the guy who posted the LONG post yesterday with all the troubleshootings I have tried before. I am still having the same issue. I’m guessing this is a way AGS is telling me to just go back to FF

@crazykarl Bro… forget about updates or solving the issue… (24h is nothing… xD)

Look here - Support from Amazon?

It’s month already since first wave of VPN bans… where a lot of legit players ISP’s got banned AND NOTHING HAPPENED since then. Then don’t care if hundreds of ppl can’t play the game… they fight the bots you know?

If this continues only bots will stay playing… It looks like last patch hit a lot of new players with 10010 errors… sad to see how they “try” to solve the bots issue, but actually mess up with normal players and bots just flourish even more. :(((((

FYI - NONE of the troubleshootings works - tried all of them, they just ban IP ranges and if you’re hit by a richochet? Your problem, they don’t care and they said many times - THEY WON’T ROLL IT BACK. So gg I think or you can try to change ISP till you get one working :smiley:

Yeah, this game started off strong but in the past week has slowly started turning into New World 2.0. Makes sense as to why the ratings are starting to drop. Game breaking bugs and lack of communication when paying members can’t even get into the game. I really hope they can get this fixed relatively fast but I am not hopeful, based on what ive been reading on the forums from other players.

sry to say but dont hope :smiley: they doing nothink :smiley: theyr own people even dont know what is the problem is,asXcore sayd they fighting bots :smiley: …and as theyr support tell me its your bproblem that u cant log in to game :smiley: hillarious isnt it? :smiley:

any update would be appreciated - tried all troubleshooting methods and just want to login to na east from Chicago T_T

Yeah the troubleshooting does nothing.

Living in an apartment where the ISP can’t change anyone’s IP address or do anything effective, we simply couldn’t find a solution. the ISP staff also played the game and he suggested that I use a VPN, which is forbidden but very effective. Isn’t that a ridiculous approach?

Yeah I dont think the devs and AGS know how IP’s and ISPs work.

Although we are the most recent update to cause the problem, but according to my observation this problem has existed for a month, if they really want to solve then should have been solved long ago. I think we are hopeless.

Yeah support said its been around for 2-3 weeks. But this most recent update took out wayyyy more people then previous from what im seeing and hearing.

Got on just now just to get the error, noticed that I had a NordVPN process running despite me not using it in like a year (lol). Ended that task and restarted the game and it seems to be fine now. But now I’m stuck in queue as always (cursed NAW player) :slight_smile: it was nice not to have to deal w that for a day.

But yeah that’s what worked for me, if u ever used any VPN services in the past and still have them installed on your PC I’d check for that and see if it fixes the problem for you guys.

Hope AGS gets on top of this for the rest of you.

Appreciate it but i’ve never used a VPN before.

Amazon ban you isp ip. just hurt real player . botter can change their ip.
So ban ip this way is wrong. but amzon think ban ip is good job…
Amzon please do sometime Ban ip is stupid

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Greetings Arkesians and welcome @NovaDeus to the forums,

Our apologies for the long time in getting to you on this post and I am sorry to hear you have been having difficulties getting into the game based on error “10010”. We can assure you our devs have thoroughly reviewed the root cause for this error and have determined it is caused by specific settings on your Network and not directly caused by the game or servers. The most common cause for the error is the use of a VPN or proxy redirect, however, there are other settings specific ISP’s may use which can also cause this to happen. As an example we can use what some of you point out where the game is accessible on a different network whereas not on the ISP network.

Unfortunately, given this is not directly caused by our servers or by settings we can tweak on our end, there is no fix that can be applied by us either but you can find several possible work around steps that may help override your network settings that could be causing the error found here:

I hope you find this helpful. See you in Arkesia. :wolf: