Has anyone yet still to get lucky in lost ark

By that i mean. I feel like i must be the only person remaining who has never one tapped a 3% or less weapon hone.

Got a bis drop and sold it for 300k
Tapped low quality to 90+

Got 2 one tap hones ay 5% or less.
Cut a 9/7 stone.

The best luck ive had on this game was having 2 10k bar drops from una rewards

Ive also had a drop which sold for 50k.

Tell me about your luck so i can feel bad or tell me about you lack of luck so i can feel better

had all of the above except for 300k Accessory drop

everyone is lucky in different places

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I dont generally have much luck with honing, and im sure its hard to be as unlucky as i am with accessory drops

But ive got Omnium star from Moake my 1st try, and the other 3 tries gave me the food i needed

I ve had those gold bars from Una

Probably more, but people tend to remember bad luck more than good.

Some days, I’ll get multiple back-to-back one-taps on upgrades, the next I pity something. I’ve gotten multiple 150k drops on two rosters. I’ve gotten Grudge and Keen Blunt Weapon gold books as drops from chaos dungeons and legion raids. So far, 2x10k gold bars. I got the star to drop pretty quick on Moake and Helmutt on one roster, and it took 8 months to get Moake’s star on the other. Koreans, apparently as a culture, like to gamble. I had an uncle visit from Korea, he lost $10k gambling when he went to Las Vegas. He owns multiple manufacturing plants so that’s a dorp in the bucket for him. I’d prefer to get decent weekly drops versus one huge drop but that’s me.

got from my wep from 21-25 all under 20% artisan and sold a summoner ring for 750k

my most expensive drop so far was worth 20k
never got a 10k unas bar
never one taped below 10%
I dont have a 9/7 stone (but one 8/7)
my main still has a piece at 69 qual even after spending 100k+ gold on it

i typically has luck when it doesnt matter in the long run, if i can make it easier for you ))

It never matters in the long run.

Try to make an example where it does and you’ll see.

Even if you and your friend are honing for a gate, you only have 3 taps both, your friend makes it and you dont, in the long run it will equalize.

He was lucky that time but probably wont be lucky next time + the average mats needed are the same for both of you to reach some higher game later in the game.

Absolutely nothing matters in the long run when it comes to rng.

And the more rng there is, the fairer it is and more equal the luck is spread.

Its actually science. More rng chances = less variance = more equal for everyone

I got 9CD gems out of 10 attempts at level 10 gems.

i thought i had no luck in general until i 1 tapped my weapon to +19 (brel gear) with the free fusion leapstones > : D

On my main artist I got the majority of my hones in 1 to 4 taps, shes 1515 atm, and only went near pity twice. And I 1 tapped my helmet on her to 100 quality. Then I cut a 9/6 stone on my second artist, which is the best stone I have ever cut.

Oh no… you most likely pitied a lot before or your next 2 gear hones will be pities nyhahahaaha :v:

i full pittied from 17 to 18 and to + 20 i reached 45% artisan (fully juiced)

but yeah im prepard to be punished xD

You’ll get lucky once or twice in a month but you’ll RAGE HONE more often.


I dont gamble but I imagine a session of RAGE HONING will be similar. The feeling of '1 more tap, I will get it this time for sure" and the regret of running out of mats “wtf have I done!” im sure will be the same to those who have a gambling addiction hahahaha

And when things get out of control, you go get that CC Awakened then swipe. Which I thanked myself not doing. LoL!

Luckiest rng was hitting 100 quality on my striker… I don’t usually flinch for luck but I truly exulted over that

been playing since launch…never once have i ever gotten a drop over 35k NEVER… i got a relic map and a giant gold bar…yet no drop over 35k, almost 3k hours so far… such design, much fun, wow


Adding one more log to the fire, the gold mokoko island event netted me 42k gold that I used to finish my Grudge books, which happened to be at 6k per. Perfect synergy right there. Now if we could end the hold on gold purchased from the gold shop, that would be great.