Has the Ark Pass been forgotten about already?

Are we getting a second Ark Pass??? We’ve only had one and KR get them back to back. Yet another thing forgotten about. But not all is lost we are getting pet simulation.

I thought in KR it’s twice a year. with a 6 months interval between them

we’ll get another in 2 or 3 months idk maybe a bit more

We will get the 2nd ark pass with scouter in lieu of powerpass/hyper express

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would assume we get another this or next patch

There is no real precedent for Ark Pass frequency.

What we do know is that they are not constantly running. There is going to be a significant gap betweeen Ark Passes. They are not designed to be like other battle passes that constantly reset and run.

Korea has gotten 3 Battle Passes total. They got their 3rd one not too long ago. It’s really hard to predict when we get our next pass as there isn’t enough history with them to predict.