Hasten Avatar Cadence

Not including class release avatars, Neria’s Wardrobe, Pet Ranch craftables, or event skins like animal and mokoko, Korea has released a total of 35 avatar lines. We have gotten the launch, omen, noble banquet, dawn, and upcoming legendary and shadow of stern. (Alar is new to our version.)

If we go on releasing 1 of these lines per month, it will take us 2 years and 4 months to catch up to Korea’s latest release, this is not even counting how many would come out brand new in Korea during that time, keeping us behind even longer.

Part of my personal feedback as someone who buys costumes for ALL her characters, is that we need to hasten the avatar cadence and soon. I’m not asking for all skins released at once, but having a few options in the store would be very welcoming for those of us who enjoy the avatar aspect of the game, and making our characters unique and personalized. No matter what, one line a month is just too slow for our game that is on a hastened schedule content wise.
(There’s also quite a few people who refuse to buy cash stop stuff for honing/etc, but are perfectly okay with avatars/pets/mounts. This would open a new market of income for you.)

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