Have a fun poll

What do all EU players get as compensation?

What do you think?

A EURO collectible pet or 2 packs of gold
So what do you type

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maybe we get to play on working servers :slight_smile:

10k silver

Nothing. They live on wrong continent and play on test servers.

No, not today it is just the “groundwork”.

We got 3 days of crystalline after a 1 day delayed launch (EU times) so now for a hopefully planned 3h. We get nothing.
Except - an i fear this will be the case - the shutdown will be more than 3h like …12h

Another day of crystalline aura

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Compensation about what? The game works fine now after Friday’s problematic launch.

??? Shop was down last 12h … This is “working fine”?

They will rename “Prime Gaming” in “Prime Waiting” and raise the fee !

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