Have a question about stone cut

Hello there,

I have been tryin to get a 7/7 stone so bad and I did cut a stone with 10/5,

is it doable with 1 legendary engraving to make it 5x3 ?


Below’s the way to do. Just change to the engravings you need or have

Since you have total 15 nodes from ability stone which is one higher than 7/7, you have one node flexible to reduce some costs for perfect accessories.

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thanks alot.


By the way, 10/5 is even better than 7/7. So grats xD

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Thanks alot.
cost me 32 stone to do so. always 6/6 - 6/7

but I have one more question.

Is it fine to go with shock training scrapper as lv 1?

Sadly i don’t play any scrapper class xD you might want to ask in another class discussion topic

I have a question for you, are you cutting it randomly or using a calculator for it?

calculator ofc.

keep this you’ll maybe need it for alts or something

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shock training 1 is rather inefficient

Thanks buddy, I’ll keep this in mind

So making shock lv 1 and add cursed doll lv3 won’t make it better?

The only budget option you can have there is adrenaline 1, the rest goes to 3