Have most Mounts/skins as very low drop rate chances on Very Hard Content

idk if this will ever get noticed but having mounts/ skins mostly be in shop just doesn’t feel right. I understand this is like the way in KR but for US it doesn’t feel rewarding. As an MMO I want to go and farm something and have a little chance at a mount or a crazy looking skin for my character/weapon or hard to get titles from Very hard Content. I feel like they are on the right path with the Adventurer’s Tome and the seeds.

WoW did this so perfect and I never played WoW. Just from videos and how hard they were to get alone made me want to start WoW or at least have that urge to " I want to try this game ". LA has very very few of this and it sucks :confused: I love the game and will continue to keep playing for a long time but at least in the US it’s so rewarding to obtain something really nice looking from a very low chance drop rate on a boss that is hard to kill.