Have not received Support Pack (from Powerpass relaunch)

I also didn’t get the pack in my universal storage.

I have also not yet received the growth pack in my universal storage. I did not use the free power pass before they were disabled

I also qualify but did not receive the growth pack. I’m leery to use the Punika pass until I receive it. None of my friends received it either. Is it supposed to take a while?

i did not recieve my power pass package and i did not use my power pass and did the quest and accepted it.

so basically the rest of the people who got troubled by the paid power-passes(getting disabled for 2 weeks+) wont be getting any type of compensation? Good times ^^. well.

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Hello @DAWG,

I’m sorry that you had this issue with the Powerpass, please review this post related to it: Update to Disabled Powerpasses, additionally in order to review this I can recommend you to reach us via chat using the following link: Contact Us | Amazon Games to create a support ticket and review your case deeply.

Please make sure to have the DxDiag ready once you reach support, you can pull it following this steps:

DxDiag report:

  • Go to Windows Start search bar and type dxdiag.
  • Click on dxdiag.exe.
  • When green progress bar goes away, select Save All Information and save the file to their desktop.

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!


I also have not received the pack. I have had a punika powerpass sitting in my inventory waiting to use it the entire time they have been disabled and I play every day.

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I never used my Punika pass we got back in July.

I’ve not received anything, and nothing shows up in my usable passes.

Please refund.

same i have a powerpass which i was unable to use and didn’t receive any compensation can you help me plz

same issue here, used the powerpass today that I’ve had in my inventory since collecting it day one, no compensation

Hello @Grovie and welcome to the forums @egret85, @Ace76 and @WiGgLr,

Thank you for your questions regarding Power Pass / Support Package availability. Free Power passes should already be showing in your accounts.

Remember, passes first arrive via in-game mail. Once claimed from there, you can use them from your inventory and at that point you will see them in the character selection screen. If you have followed all those steps and do not see these under character select, log out and return to the server select screen as they should be there, if you already consumed the item from your inventory.

In regards to the “Punika Growth Support pack” specifically, this will be delivered to your Universal Storage (Sub-Menu under Guide) eventually if you were one of the players that:
1- Completed a quest to earn a free Power Pass (Ealyn’s Gift or Berver’s Friend) between July 23rd and when free Power Passes were re-enabled.
2- Have an unused free Power Pass and actively logged in between July 23rd and when free Power Passes were re-enabled.

If still not showing for you, please allow up to 48 hours and check with the above criteria again. If not there at that point, do not hesitate reaching back so we may check further on this for you.

Hope this clarifies the situation for you and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

I also didn’t get the pack, checked universal storage

@Fenrirskoll can you confirm that it should show up in 24-48 hours for those that don’t have it yet or is this in reference to people that have put in the support ticket here?

I have met all the criteria, and it has been locked since day 5 of it being released as I was going to make a character (kept waffling on classes) just to buy out the pirate ship for the week.

Currently also waiting with nothing, NAW Valtan if I do need to be added

Same here. I’m from EUW, but recently started casually progressing on my former account in EUC.
I’ve had the free Punika pass since a few weeks ago without being able to use it. I heard today we could finally use them, so I went to EUC to do it.

Now, I have two chars in T3, finally, but can’t find anything related to a Support Growth Pack anywhere, including the Universal Storage.
Would appreciate some help.

Roster Character Name: Hawkzerk
Server: Thirain, EUC

I have the same issue with no Support Package. Technically I’m eligible based on (2). My powerpass is hanging in the character screen, as I wasn’t able to use it + I have been actively logging in every 1-2 days.
Interesting thing is that my Universal Storage option disappeared completely now. I only have 6 sub-menus under Guide now. the top one being Pets.

Would I still fall under eligibility if I had left my Power Pass sitting in the mailbox rather than claiming it to my inventory?

I had the Power Pass in my mailbox. Did not claim it until today and then now just activated it.

I did not receive a Growth Package.

Can confirm that either the announcement is incorrect or the compensation is not being distributed (yet?):

Server Selection:

Character Screen:

From my reading this should include me in (2) as an “unused free power pass”. Any yes, I did log in between July 23rd and yesterday. Plenty.

Hi, I most certainly quality for condition 2 :

2- Have an unused free Power Pass and actively logged in between July 23rd and when free Power Passes were re-enabled.

of this recompensation and yet I still have not received anything. Does having claimed the punika powerpass from my mailbox and then right clickiong it so it sits in the main menu ready to be used - but not actually using it on any character yet count as “unused” ? I couldn’t decide on a class to use it on yet but it was sitting in my main menu ready to be used. As for actively logging in… haven’t missed a day since launch ^^ so yeah.

I am also curious about this too. In many ways, I think these are the people most affected because we had the intention to use it and in fact did. From the wording it sounds like these people don’t qualify but that sounds a bit unfair in my opinion.

+1 same issue

Been login on everyday and haven’t used my punika pass.

Don’t see any Punika Growth Support Pack