Have to do better at fixing things

I’m glad to see the prices of enchantments drop now if they just fix all the errors on the market that are preventing players from buying them.
Is this another problem caused by botts you guys really need to focus on getting this fix before our next update?

It looks as if we are going to be entering a big update with a lot of problems that have been plaguing the game for a while now and are not being addressed.

This should have been fixed in this past update but still here and maybe worse than before.

Market place
Is just garbage and at times just unusable.

Same old same here you make changes to make things harder on bott only to have them reprogram and create workarounds and these changes only make things harder for honest players.
You guys could make a big difference in fighting the botts by just logging on an hour a day into some of the hotspots and mass banning them.

and to make it worse


i bet the bots are laughing, it only slows down regular players so they could flip even more on the AH

Good Job, keep it up.

Like you said, all they have to do is have someone log in. Literally sit in one spot, sip your coffee, and press the ban button. It’s so obvious who’s a bot. Stop alienating new players in some pseudo attempt to ‘stop bots,’ and take real steps to actually accomplish something. It’s almost as if you enjoy the inflated player count. I mean seriously, wake up.