Have you guys seen <1370 content

Had like 100+ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: bots inside, Chaos event.

Just because OP does make a lot of posts/topic about issues or is commenting on ongoing problems does not make him a Troll, unless his comments are actually invalid and serve nothing for the community.

However judging by at least this topic and a vid from reddit, Im inclined to say hes right, lol.

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I know bots make things easier for <1370 chaos, but still not one single actual player with you there. Quite alarming!!

There are numbers of reasons why 1370 chaos content is run only by bots, to name a few:

  • the content is obsolete
  • its past time peak hours for said content
  • there are more bots than real players currently in the game

Or better yet, all of the above are true with whatever I have not mentioned, lmfao.

I was doing chaos at peak time after 6pm in East NA yesterday, and I see quite a lot of em.

I never said he isnt right, but he make this threads just to cause a reaction, please just go into his profile and see his posts from today- yesterday - 2 days ago, etc.

Every single post is like that.

That being said, ofc lost ark have a HUGE botting problem, we all know that, even now players can see it while they are leveling.
Sadly there is nothing we can do, all we can do is wait for AGS to stop slacking and invest on proper tools to detect the bots (and also start banning more RMTers).

Admins please ban this Troll : @Pistachiosan

He only joined on 22 Dec + is a FF14 andy.
Every forum post hes made is a Shit talk and Trolling about lost ark.

we realy dont need people like him here.


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Mods this comment is legit

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Alarming? Why? Everyone is doing the South Vern one.

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