Havent done a chaos dungeon in a long time

im sure its just me, i honestly dont even care about the loss, i do it on my main every 3 days for rested, but i havent touched any other chaos even on my 1490 alts. it feels dreadful having to do it more than twice


Chaos’s are generally the best reward option for 5ish minutes of time. GR’s sure are easily skippable due to they reward roughly half of what a chaos dungeon gives and is more for the unbound leaps then materials. And una’s can be done in like a minute with bifrosts.

I’d at least recommeond trying to keep the chaos dungeons not max rested for at least any non-lopang alt but chaos’s also give a lot of the needed silver as well. just put twitch or youtube or a movie on.

I can’t tell if it’s sarcasm or serious

Guess who’s not honing his characters without those shards from Chaos Dungeons.

Its serious, in Kr CD its the most valuable thing to do right now

Ez, Fast, A lot of mats

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If the dude can have fun without doing chaos dungeon then props to him, he’s enjoying a video game the way he wants without forcing himself to do something annoying, whats wrong with that?

Im like you i only do 1520 rested chaos dungeons on my 3 main alts. If both runs not rested i aint doin it.

Gaurdian raids are fun so i do em all the time

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We are not taking fun away from him.
We are saying dropping Chaos Dungeon is the worst possible decision. I would rather reduce my time doing Guardians instead of Dungeons.
Just look at how many shards you are getting from a single Dungeon. If you want to progress, it’s not a good choice.

Take the game at your own paste and dont listen to anyone, better have fun doing what you like instead of burning yourself out doing chores then hate the game because its so repetetive. And it doesnt matter if you miss couple of mats because you will have plenty to catch up with the upcoming events

Chaos Dungeon is the most important content to fo to be honest l.

It has everything

It does feel bad having to run them twice, it’s true. Just the 6+ loading screens and boring repeat maps that are always the same…

With that said, Chaos Dungeons are one of the few things I do recommend at least running on a 2x rested rotation at least, they are very fast (typically under 5 min per run) and the Honor Shards are very worth it.

Regardless of how many Honor Shards you have, it isn’t enough.

Now… With Caliligos, I am sick to death of killing that Guardian. These days a lot of my characters run Chaos every day but usually only do Cali when they are about to max rested.

better hone all these 6 chars to brelshaza hard :smiley:

Nah just 3, that’s more than enough :rofl:

That 1550 to 1560 push is awful.


So after trying d4 thats the final nail for you to stick with lostark full power
I wonder what you do when you static quits

For me CDs are hella boring, I get sleepy while doing them no matter the class I use let alone the inifinite runs for the extra materials.

I’ve been thinking that maybe infinite Guardian Raids would be more appeling to me while it is the same boss, the level of engagement is different and would let me practice my class as long as I want and getting a little something in the process. But yea CDs are awful

No I’ve not invested anything more into LA than usual. D4 doesn’t really matter to me either way, I’m not a huge arpg fan to begin with.

I’ll do my dailies quickly each morning and you are right I run all my weekly raid content with a static which is probably the only reason I still do. I’m glad for them, it gets the content over quickly each week, is fun to do because of them and will make progressing Brel HM / Akkan (if were still going) bearable.

Those 3 characters are just slowly honing up with bound materials is all.

Honestly I spend a lot more time these days playing non-MMO games. A lot of Oxygen Not Included, Against the Storm, Dwarf Fortress, ClanFolk, StoneShard, etc…

My LA play time is down to a few hours each night knocking out the weekly content quickly and then back to being offline lol.

That’s why I say those Chaos Dungeons are worth, because the Honor Shard requirements to keep pushing characters past Brel NM is downright criminal.


Waiting for other players in party finder or scanning for a group (especially as support currently) is much more boring than killing mobs for loot in Chaos dungeons.

I could do four chaos dungeons in the time it takes to find / fill out a single group in party finder.

I gladly do rested Chaos, rested Unas, and hourly / weekly events.

I do my gold earning raids grudgingly but I don’t do Guardian raids. Spending 5 mins coordinating for a 3 minute fight :face_vomiting: There is always an imposter in every raid doing pathetic damage with a whaled out character ultimately riding a free bus.

Whales are bad at the game, ruining it for everyone, and you will be free carrying them. Raiding in Lost Ark is an awful experience. Solo activities without these parasites are much more enjoyable.

i like chaos dungeon, its better than 99,9% of grind about all mmorpgs ive played.

It’s perfectly fine to do them rested, especially if it’ll prevent you from getting burnt out.

I always recommend people to do guardians rested only, una/chaos daily when can. Drop alts/lopangs entirely if not enjoying them or don’t have time. Or just do all dailies every 3 days rested.

But if someone completely stops doing chaos dungeons, it either means they never plan to hone that character, they can whale to hone that character, or they probably need to find a new game lol

I wont find the exact quote but you said before brelshaza release that you MIGHT quit the game after doing the raid
then you said you arent doing anymore guardian / chaos (it turns out you do)
also you said you dont push to brelshaza hard, but here u are 3 chars ready and 3 more on the way

so…xD I guess I can recognize a pattern here
but on the other hand, I am still here aswell so… we are kinda on the same bout (kinda)

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