Havent got trusted status

well here is anoter trusted status post. i havent recieved the trusted status in-game even after buying royal crystals and using them. there must be something you can do after spending money in game ALL the requirements are met by steam and lost ark please DONT give an answer like contact steam or you have to wait i need the issue fixed

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Can you please share me the below-mentioned details, so that I can check you daughter’s account?

  • Steam ID:
  • Character Name:
  • Server:
  • Region:

Will wait for you reply.

of course

steam id:76561199487303130
character name: Femwuu
server: thirain
region: EU central


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I just checked you account status and the verified status is still in the processing state and you know it by now that we are also unable to grant trusted status manually since we don’t have the tools or authorization to do it from our end.

Hence, I request you to wait for the system to finish the process and assign you the Trusted Status.

You may refer this Official Announcement by our Community Manager for more information:

For more info about the Trusted Status please refer:

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don’t get optimistic, I got the same message 40 days ago (verified status is still in process), I am still restricted :slight_smile:

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I understand your frustration about all of this situation with the trusted status.

In order to confirm that you’ve already completed all the requirements, I’ll link the official resource regarding this here:

Account Restrictions

If you find that you’ve completed all these requirements but your access to the market is still not accessible to you, please Contact Us so that our colleagues can provide you with further assistance, catered to your specific situation.

Thank you for your patience and thank you for understanding!

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I have same issue, however accorging to the ‘Account Restrictions’ I shouldn’t be able to use marketplace and/or AH yet I can do that despite not having the trusted status, and it’s still preventing me from trading face-toface and sending mail with attachements.

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Please in this case reach out our support team by creating a web ticket in order to report and help you further this issue,

The link to contact them is in the post above.

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