Haven't played in a month, did things get better?

in terms of bots, queues and etc, I know some might say that i’ll check it out myself but it takes 4 hours to redownload for me so… yeah, wanna hear people’s thoughts instead

No. A month is nothing. Try again in 4-5

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This is a bait post i can smell it


Because answer is probably no.

then you might wanna get your nose checked by the doctors because this isn’t a bait, I was still 1370 when i litteraly left


Don’t think there are any queues on eu. Na is fucked tho

I went to the doctor and he said my nose is good, come back again in 2 months bro

I’m on NA East Regulus server and we don’t have a single queue since launch

EUC has no bot so to speak and no queue.

Every single 5k+ queue post or complaint I’ve seen so far came from NA, dunno which part it’s a big country 4shrug

Come back a year later. This is a “new” game handled by the inexperienced indie company so they need a little bit of time to stabilize themselves.


even at prime time? thats pretty good

If i get a dollar every time i see the “small indie company” joke i would be millionaire by now :v

Thank god i picked East u.u

EU is fine. We have bots, but not as many than in NA. I guess we have less gold buyers?

I check the “busy” servers from time to time on EUC just to see, haven’t seen a queue on them lately, but I play on Antares so you might want the words of someone playing on a busy server just to be sure.

The game is worst now, much more bots and chaos dungeons loot nerfed…