Haven't recieved "LoLA Starter Item Set" in game

Hello. 2 days ago I earned the 4 hour twitch drop “LoLA Starter Item Set” and claimed it on twitch. I then proceeded to link my steam and twitch and activated the drop. Since then I haven’t received the drop in game. People say to wait 24 hours but its been way past then. Also I’ve tried relinking my steam and twitch with no success. This is silly that some people get duplicate twitch drop packs and some people aren’t even receiving theirs.

Hello @Latenite!

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I am sorry to know that you have not received the Lola Starter Item set in-game.

I would request you to please verify the integrity of your game files and check by relaunching the game (Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files)

Also, please try these below steps to see if it resolves the problem.

Unlink your Amazon & Steam accounts:

  1. Go to Account Settings .
  2. Select Unlink account, and then select Confirm.

Then we have to link them once again:

Link your Amazon and Steam accounts

  1. Go to Account Settings .
  2. Select Link your Steam account.
  3. Sign in with the Steam credentials of the account you want to link.

Unlink and link your twitch account:

Go to Your Twitch Accounts. Select Unlink Account next to the Twitch account you’d like to disconnect.

Linking Your Amazon and Twitch Accounts

  1. Select Connect your Twitch account.
  2. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  3. Sign in to your Twitch account and select Confirm.

Now you can try to claim your drops by following the below link:


It may take 24 to 48 hours for the rewards to appear in your account.

Please do let me know if the above steps helped you in resolving the issue.


I’ve done all of these and nothing has worked. it keeps saying activate twitch drops, i click it. its fine then as soon as i refresh the page i have to re activate again and again, now because of this i will miss the pet, rewards, everything. ive been in contact with support too, did everything listed, still no drops, i wouldve had the tiers done but now i cant over something i have no control over.

waiting on a ticket response, spoke to someone who said they would look into, when will i reacieve an email because of this i might lose the pet , how can i still get the pet? i had amazon games staff help me with these and none of them worked, now i have to wait for a ticket and wont be able to obtain the pet even tho i played since day 1 ?

I also have the same problem and this troubleshooting that the moderators inform doesn’t work. The prime loot worked normally, but the twitch drop did not.

same happended to me got the fox pet vit the lola pack no

ur fix doesnt work and too many people have this issue please compensate us!

please can you help, i dont want to lose the fox pet over something i cant control or get help with, i spoke to someone from amazon games and havent heard back, i tried everything still nothing


Hello everyone!


@Ririmika Welcome to the Lost Ark forums! We’re glad to have you here.

I’m sorry to hear that after trying the troubleshooting steps you are still experiencing this issue, unfortunately we are unable to manually distribute the rewards, In this case, I would request you to please contact us through live channels so that we can further escalate this and look for a possible solution.

Thank you for your patience & understanding.

Take care and see you soon in Arkesia!

Have tried all these steps multiple times… still no drop in-game even though it is claimed and all accounts linked and relinked multiple times.

Have been receiving twitch drops in Warframe for years without issue and due to the mass amounts of players having difficulty with these the problem is clearly not on our end.