Having a general idea on the possibility of maining unreleased characters

Hello, I know this question will be quite difficult to answer for the community staff members as you don’t have yourself all the informations and I guess some informations can’t be given yet.

The question a good part of Lost Ark NA/EU community might be asking themselves if they are intending to main one of the unreleased charaters is if they will be able to catch up other players in terms of gear scores.

So the real question I think the community staff might be able to answer is supposing the Artist would be the last released class but honestly I don’t care which one let’s just say the last released class, would it be far after the release of T3 ? Yes/No

Like how long is not the question, we just want to know if when T3 is released we will have most of the unreleased class ?

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Roadmap comes after release (stated by roxx). Release gets time to shine and afterwards is roadmap. So wait for late february for Roadmap.

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