Having a great time

I just wanted to say I’ve been having borderline too much fun with this game lately. 1000 hours-ish in. Didn’t think I’d ever be collecting mokokos but I figured I might as well while I’m doing Ignea Tokens. Anyways, I guess the point is, as soon as I don’t force myself to do anything in this game, I have fun doing everything.

Yep, Lost Ark can be an enjoyable time waster. Too bad our version has still very little to offer.

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Tbh I dont understand why they add valthan hard 1445 and no 1430 Vykas normal. If we had full content till 1490 they might be really a lot of things to do everyday till reset day …

yea one day when i was having difficulty finding an argos party i went rage collecting mokokos, got about 200 mokokos for the night and some island souls along the way, it wasnt too bad at all

theres just not that much horizontal content to enjoy for me tho, i hate doing rapport/daily quest reputations, its way too grindy and repetitive

mh well thursdays/friday game is always fun when i can run like 8 abyss dungeons or so, but rest of the week it is just back to chores.
kinda bad design.

And no doing every day 1 abyss makes it not better considering the dungeons are less than 20mins