Having a hard time getting to 1400

fair warning: mostly a vent post, still love the game but…

I’ve not minded the grind in this game up until I hit 1390, and I know that being a single character player is definitely slowing down my progress compared to anyone who has at least one alt, but with 365hrs into the game I feel like I’m really hitting a brick wall with honing. I’m at 1398 and change with just two pieces left of my preordained gear to hit lvl12 for a 1400 gear score, but the constant failure rate is really killing my joy in this game. I’ve already 100% artisan energied 3 of the 6 pieces to get to +12 and I’m at 52% already on my 2nd to last piece.

I’ve been grinding for over 2 weeks now from 1395 to 1398, playing basically everyday using all my gold and leapstones, doing all my Unas, chaos, abyssal, dailies and weeklies and I just feel getting really stale. There’s a huge lack of content that I can do in a day that gives the materials I need without having to endlessly grind chaos dungeons in hopes to get Hall of Sun tickets, and before anyone asks, I’ve almost all the mokoko seeds already, I’ve got a good amount of island souls, and giants hearts, so content wise I’m just in an odd place since I cant do the new content. I feel like the game at this gear score is just super dry.

I don’t mean to complain too much here, as I said I really do love the game and I’m really just waiting on artist class for an alt, but I just feel like there should be more content at this level to do in order to hit 1400 and get to the next sub-tiers. Anyone else feeling the same?


Yup, it starts to suck and continues to suck, especially now that the special event vendors can’t really help you all that much.

The slow drip of daily materials gives you maybe 2-3 hones per day (depending on alts) with a nice boost to maybe 4-5 hones on Thursday when you buy out all the vendors.

If you aren’t swiping, you are starved.


or save it up for the week. After the reset do a mass honing. That’s what i did and feel like it actually have higher chance XD


That is generally how I go about it yeah, Thursday is hone day and every other day is stockpile. The overall amount of resources is still ass however.

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The fact you are almost 1400 with 365 hrs into the game shows how easy it’s gotten to get to that level with all the new events. Artisan’s energy fills up pretty quickly at that level anyway and if you are frustrated getting to 1400, you’ll feel many more times the frustration getting to 1415.


i got pretty lucky getting to 1400. it’s after 1400 that everything goes to pity, probably 80% of my hones have gone to pity, and 100% have been over 50% artisan energy.

I really suggest you to make at least 2 alts (using the free power passes) it will help you a lot with your mats income and you only need to do chaos dungeons and guardians (30 mins extra gameplay per alt)

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This is super true it took me like 950 hours (or maybe more, i don’t remember) to get to 1400 even using alts lol

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Unfortunately this is simply the consequence of the progression system being RNG. People like you get hard fucked essentially as the cost for people like me getting incredibly lucky. It is an awful way for the system to be but hypothetically if you play long enough you will experience luck that is equally as good as your current luck is bad. For what it’s worth.

Personally I play for the PvP mostly, but the PvE is great and I decided to continue participating in it until I stopped enjoying doing it. Luckily I haven’t hit a dry spell of progression for so long that I get bored of what I have to do, but maybe if that’s where you are it is what it is. If you’re already feeling a bit dry on content I’m not sure how much P3 Argos is going to ease that when you have to pull off the 1400-1415 grind before Valtan.

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I’m stuck at 1398 or so myself. Burned through 170 GHL yesterday and got one item to tap, at 100% pity. It felt like this game probably isn’t for me as that’s pretty much how the upper game is…most of the time 100% pity and maybe 1 tap in a 100 is a one tap.

Doing alts to get them up and failing 50% taps 10x in a row…um just feels so under rewarding…in the end its like how long can I take this before I realize this game just isn’t gonna work for me?


thankfully I have a group of friends already well above the 1415 mark that would help me out. I’m pretty much the only one who has 0 alts, so I know I’m shooting myself in the foot a bit there, but it’s just super tiring to kill the same guardian every week and not get to finish the full argos raid yet. I play this game almost exclusively for the PvE, so it hurts when I see everyone getting up to valtans and I’m not even able to get to P3 argos lol. the honing is just really killing me, and sucking a lot of enjoyment at this point.

At this point the honing is not the problem but the genre. Think of any mmo where you spent 300+ hours when the average that is at the current end game is at 900+ hours. The RNG/honing progression pace isn’t the problem you just can’t keep up by playing 1/3rd the time of a player that is at the current end game

It’s designed for you to have alts and funnel. That’s how to fix it if you want to. You could make so many alts between now and March 2023, or even just a couple. It doesn’t matter if you like them, though it is nicer if you do. At the end of the day you need their mats.

One of my alts was in a guild that died and the leader was a pally who did not want alts and had a somewhat busy home life so he refused to make alts but often enjoyed mentioning how he had no problem hitting 2370/2385 back in april. I couldn’t tell when because o don’t check guild rosters on my alts too much but he’s 1399 and hasn’t logged on in 2 weeks.

The other option which I think is preferred, is if you’re not going to make alts you shouldn’t worry about honing or getting to current raid content. Lots of stuff you can enjoy in the game while getting yourself set up to do that kind of stuff in the future if you really want to wait for your main. But it’s gonna feel bad without the mats if you push. 1400-1415 takes 2-3 times as long as 1385-1400 depending on your luck

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I’d say if you don’t enjoy the classes and other various things you can do in the game you may be right. But consider if there are other people in the game that would also like to play and raid, maybe a step back from current content so doing Argos for a while and when Vykas comes out trying to get in to normal Valtan.

The key is not rushing. It always feels bad to gather mats and leave with very few upgrades but that’s how it eventually becomes.

There’s a calculator for upgrades on the Maxroll website. You can use it to get an average cost to get X upgrade. I try to make sure I have enough mats to pity what I am upgrading so I don’t leave feeling bad.

Don’t get me wrong pity doesn’t feel great but once you hit it, it’s upgraded

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totally agree, and I am just venting mostly as it’s been almost a month since hitting 1385 and I’m right on the cusp of 1400 and I’m just feeling starved for mats every week. Hall of Sun is probably the biggest drop for leapstones, and it has an abysmally small drop rate, I just feel that if I had some more options available per week to collect more leapstones I wouldnt feel as drained as I do right now with all the honing failures. at best I can do maybe 2 or 3 hones a day, and with half my gear having hit 100% artisan and now 52% or so on this one it just feels a bit defeating.

taking my time in this game is all I’ve done, and I’ve nearly collected all mokoko seeds, I’m still hutning down a lot of island souls, I’m only at 30 or so, so there’s plenty for me to do in the game still, but I cant help but feel that the grind at this sub-tier is incredibly dry.

I would love to make some alts, but at the moment the only thing I’d want to do is a gunlancer, and I’d really just rather wait for the Artist.

You should make a GL and mess around on it. Don’t grind out the mats just check the class out and have some fun.

Honestly everything feels that way even with alts. They just want us playing all the time.

If I could go back I’d just make a bunch of alts and I’d always be a step behind end game, boosting who I like most with events and not giving into the grind. But here I am getting ready for Vykas and some clown lol


Game is centered around alts.

You have to play alts if you want to speed up your progress.

If you don’t enjoy the slow progress already by only playing one character then you’ll likely quit soon down the line within the next 3 months.

Content is only going to get harder to lv up in the future and alts close that gap a lot by giving you more upgrade materials and more gold/silver to play with.

With only 365 hrs and already at 1398 iLVL with 0 alts, thats quite impressive.

The most optimal way to progress is to have up to 6 characters in t3. Your honing mats gained daily will be up to 6x or more, depending on how many alts you have, compared to having just 1 character. Which you can then funnel between your characters. The character limit thats able to get gold from abyss dungeons, abyss raids, and legion raids is 6. Alts will also speed up the rate for the max amount of una’s tokens you can get for those weekly gold chests as well as doing lopang dailies for silver.

You’re only hindering yourself by having 1 character and if you don’t want to play alts then thats on you. Also, you don’t have to hone everyday. The best way is to stockpile honing mats until you have enough for a push to reach the iLVL that you want. I’m talking about 2-3 stacks+ of destruction stones, 5 stacks+ of guardian stones, and at least 1k+ great honor leapstones.

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sad to say you’re probably not wrong. I’m so used to MMOs where single player progression is really the only important thing (WoW, New World, ESO), and I’ve immensely enjoyed this game but the wall I’ve hit at this point is pretty alarming. I’ve been taking my time and I know I’ll be taking more time than most because of having 0 alts, but I just feel like a bit more options would be nice than doing the same chaos dungeons, guardians every day for little to no materials.

This game unlike other MMOs is entirely material farming focused, since theres no gear diversity at all (dont even get me started how ugly the sorc gear is lol thank god for skins!) it just feels like there’s a rather large lack of achievements while grinding these guardians and dungeons outside of simply being able to beat it and levelling your gear.

Down the line I’ll have alts, I’m just waiting on certain classes to finally drop this way, so eventually it won’t be that big a problem. I’m just simply venting that at this sub-tier it’s quite a dry and unforgiving grind.

yea I’m probably going to start stockpiling. and like I mentioned I totally understand the game is alt focused, this is the first game where it’s extremely evident you need alt characters, no other MMO i’ve played requires that at all really. Even if I make alts tho, it doesn’t really change the lack of diversity in farming materials, it only speeds the process.