Having alts for mats/gold dont make much sense

Hi, I have 1 main 5 alts, I was bought by people in forums saying alts are mandatory so you can funnel mats to the main. And I was pleased thinking that doing 3 chars dailies and the other 3 the next day would give me 50% extra mats for the same work. But I found it doesnt make much sense.

I have a 1351 main, 2 1000 T2 and 3 800+ T2 chars. I understand alts can help you in t1 because you create 2 in 5 minutes with PowerPass, but the thing is that my alters will consume lots of gold to get them to T3, and even then in 1310 chaos dungeon they will generate very low quantity of mats, so you think “lets use my 1351 char mats from 1340 chaos dungeon to get them to 1340 ilvl”

Dont you think it doesnt make sense? the gold you get doing abyssal are not worth or it will be worth in a very very long time, having the risk to wipe losing lots of time. If you could get Una’s token for every char it would make sense. Alts are only worth it to get silver. IMO.

alts are only worth in 1325+
i have alts in t1/t2 and them don’t give gold to me.
it’s me that give gold to them.

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How were you expecting to funnel mats to a t3 char by having t2 and t1 alts?

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Alts don’t consume a lot of gold at T2. A bit, but not a lot.

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So let me get this straight, you thought making an alt required no investment and that it would just somehow make you gold when you used the power pass?

Besides the point, you could literally sell everything you get from alts and would see net gain. Run raids and get free gold x6 is net gain no matter what.

If you don’t think it’s worth then don’t make them.

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Going to clarify some things with my limited knowledge of the game so far.

  1. Alts are good for roster progression.

Roster is important, the gains may seem small at first but start adding up quickly. There are also helpful things in your roster which will save you some time. E.G. roster level 60 which gives you another bifrost slot.

Doing towers on your alts provides your roster with more exp to level up your roster. As well as mats for gear for your alts.

Some purple quests are able to be done again on an alt that provide quite a bit of roster exp also.

  1. Unas tasks for gold generation, reputation, and silver generation.

Doing your dailies on your alts will help you hit the cap to get your Unas tokens (coins?) To redeem every week for a gold reward. The amount of tokens you get when hitting the weekly cap is determined by your highest ilvl in your roster.

After completing your cap you can get rest bonuses on your alts for Unas dailies which increase the rewards.

Reputation from these quests are roster wide also. This will help build reputation faster to reap the rewards.

  1. Event rewards.

You can get a lot of event currency again on your alts as well. Arkesia coins in Guardian Raids, and chaos dungeons twice daily. Plus the event currency for the guardian raid event too. Each character can do these. I don’t even have to do the grand prix event anymore as my alts generate enough arkesia grand prix coins I don’t have to bother with the race. Which is fun but saves me some time if I can ignore it daily.

  1. abyss dungeon weekly gold gains.

The amount at first may seem small, but like everything else this compounds. You can’t get all the rewards past a certain ilvl on chaos dungeons weekly. So having lower ilvl alts will ensure you don’t miss out on the gold.

  1. Card exp and cards.

Another system that compounds, you get card exp from chaos dungeons. You can also get cards from guardian raids and and abyss dungeons. Don’t forget even though you can’t get the gold rewards on higher ilvl do all chaos dungeons every week to get cards for your roster too. Cards can eventually provide great bonuses, this take a ton of time to get in a good state/BIS card sets.

I’m sure there’s other things I’ve missed but those are just 5 reasons to have alts. All of these systems compound and will help out your account on the server. If you look at each piece individually it seems small but when it’s all combined together it’s actually a lot.


Well selling T1 and T2 mats would give you some benefit, it wont be worth benefits/time spend, even its starting to not be worth selling T3 mats.


Lets compare something, just few examples.

1 char ilvl 1340 vs 5 chars ilvl 1340
800gold weekly vs 4000 gold weekly from Abyssal
1x red gems daily vs 5x red gems daily
1x silver vs 5x silver

Basically… everything you do makes u 5x profit. Some of these parts are especially important, like gems and 5x more chances of getting buss rush tickets etc. Besides that more chars = highter roster lvl which means additional rewards.

Overall, having alts >>>>>>>> playing one char


5x time spent too, event mats are roster bound, How much gold you have to put to get a char to 1340? How much gold 1325 abyssal and 1340 give? I didnt know they give you that much, the first underwater abyssal only gives you 100…Maybe you get profit at T3 1340. Thats a very good info. I will have to keep going then

When you reach next tier you can research the 20% success honing rate for the tier you upgraded from. It makes raising alts SIGNIFUCANTLY faster.

You don’t level alts to the same iLevel as your main. if they are same tier you use the left over/bound materials for them.

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The problem is you’re trying to rush your account with gold. In T1 it’s not that bad mats are really cheap. But honestly if you do your islands, dailies, weeklys you can gear your alts without having to spend much gold pretty fast.

Although if you choose the route to spend gold it’s possible you can increase your resource production such as gold. But as more people hit higher tiers your returns may start declining. Go at your own pace and if you don’t do everything on your alts everyday it’s fine in most cases. Rest bonuses are super helpful.

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Ofc. 5x time too… have you problem with that? You arent forced to play with alts, but if you do… you are rewarder for that. Simple as that, works as intended. I didnt put a cent, playing my alts as separate chars, going in their own pace. With stronghold buff pushing through t1/2 is very easy, pushing through 1302-1340 isnt hard either (took me day or two on my main). It isnt race after all so Im okay with that. Im happy with that it isnt just “press x to create fully geared t3 char” coz we dont want braindead baby easy game here.

1340 one normal gives you 800g per run.

Besides that, dont forget your alts would be a lot easier to push at 1340 ilvl, coz you can farm mats on ur main at highter chaos which drops more mats.

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800g its a lot, its enough to make it worth in a few weeks/months. Then yeah its worth at T3

800g are pennies compared to gems. Good lvl5 gem could give you few k gold (or more)

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How does this make any sense?

If you farmed on 5 T1s chaos dungeon that’s 5 mins per run, so 10 mins per alt x 5 = 50 mins. You make 200-300 unbound crystals and sell these for 1g each. This is on average 250g x 5 = 1250g within an hour.

Do you think you can make this much gold on your main within an hour? No you can’t.

Do the same for T2s and that’s 3g/5g red/blue and your profits are now even higher, do the same for T3s and you’re literally rolling in gold.

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You sell mats in stacks of 10 units, you would make 125g in an hour, i was selling t3 mats with my main for a lot more than that lmao

I’m genuinely confused, not being sarcastic, how OP has T1/T2 alts that cost apparently lot of gold?

Have main + 7 alts - forgot exact level when honing starts to cost some gold instead of silver but it was pretty high, like at or near T3 best I recall. And my (2) T3 alts didn’t cost much to get to 1325 and stopped there.

Rest of roster costs me nothing but silver, which my alts pay for plus provide lot extra by each one doing (1) lopang una each.

Is OP meaning he is buying alts costly engravings etc? Other than some really minor gold to pay for my alt honing up to 1325, I’ve spent zero gold on alts, and they’ve provided ton of extra mats, una rewards, rep etc.

I was just showing the basic math, divide by the amount/bulk of item needed for whatever scenario at whatever tier you’re farming materials.

Anyways, the point is you have to invest in your alts to get something out of them. This is why a lot of us have 6-9+ T3s and not complaining about gold on the forums. We literally have all the gold we need + some more.

You spend gold when you are close to +15 in tier 1, in tier 2 I would say it starts at 10 or a bit lower. If you do knowledge transfer it cost you too. And I only used it 2 times at Rohendel. So I probably did like 5 Yorns, 3 Feiton 1 Punika

Well I created this topic if there was something I was missing, and it was the lots of gold you make in T3 abyss. Dont need to feel attacked