Having alts for mats/gold dont make much sense

Yeah, having your toons T3 can generate lots of golds per week. All the gems,tickets even ability Stone with the right engraving can be sold for 1k and decent Stones for 500.

Abyssal gives 900 gold per run and cost 400 if you want the extra mats.

Oh ok, it just didn’t seem like a lot all total though. And that is relative to my gold balance which has never been higher than 18k until very recent and usually 14-15k balance, (just got the 13k masterpiece reward)

So not swimming in gold saying ‘not much’, whatever they cost total gold was what regular player like me thought seemed minor. I’m sure they cost tons more after 1370 as I’ve seen all the posts but up to 1325 seems not a lot.

Not free of course, just saying only time I thought uh oh, now it is starting to cost gold was my (2j alts that hit T3 and honing starts to cost some decent chunks per whack

Alts made more sense back when you could boost your main into a higher tier of content, make megawealth selling your drops, then spend some of it to level the alts that sacrificed their own progression. But with the market crash, it’s no longer viable to do this.