HDR issue i really need help with i'm losing my mind

Hello there, i have 2 issue with the game right now, one major, one minor ;

The minor is : i can’t type in party finder tchat, i use a controller, click on the tchat section, type whatever with my controller then hit enter as usual, but nothing happen, nothing show, this is kinda annoying, 4month in still no fix.

Now, the major one.

I own a LG OLED monitor, HDR compatible ;

Until recently, when i was launching lost ark, HDR would remain active until the server selection screen, then it would go away, and i would then get a clean image, clean graphics, correct colorimetry, nothing to report ;

But recently, HDR won’t turn off anymore when starting the game, and a game not made for HDR with HDR settings is VERY UGLY with WASHED COLOR or oversaturated and is overall very BLURRY, it looks really bad, and all the workaround i’v found online so far did not work

Can you help me please ? i can give you any kind of information but please don’t force me to use my old LCD

help :frowning:

You can press “Win + Alt + B” to enable/disable HDR on Windows. Game Bar must be enabled for this shortcut to work. Not sure did i get the problem you have correctly tho.

Hello and thanks you for your answer ;

I do know for that shortcut, and i tried it, but disabling HDR on window, on a HDR calibrated oled screen, gives the worst kind of picture you can imagine

i’ll make some picture and post them soon

thanks you for your support dear cromat66

Ok i made some picture, hoping it helps.

This is how the game and color are supposed to be, and also how they look in FULLSCREEN on my LCD monitor and also how they looked on my oled hdr screen before until recently :

Now, this is how the color are not supposed to be, and also how they look in WINDOWED on my LCD monitor :

do you see how the color looks and it became blurry? this is what i DON’T WANT, everything is oversatured this is really ugly

now look at how the game looks on my oled hdr screen :

see how the color are awful now? nothing i can do will change anything :frowning:

before the few last update, everything was going fine, but now i have to suffer from this :frowning:

big yikes :frowning:

i know it won’t really be easy to understand with picture, but trust me, with naked eyes, it’s really ugly

anyone can try to help me please?

Like the one guy said i guess your lg * monitor * is a lg tv fully disable hdr in windows so it does send a sdr singal to your tv forcing it into sdr mode are u in windows 10 or 11 ?

But the picture in full SDR is horrendous on my screen, way worst than on my poor lcd, and i have the best tv on the market lol, so welp, kinda bummer

yes i’m using w10

what’s your point dear minka?

think about the worst kind of picture you can get and you have lost ark SDR on my oled screen

1month ago everything was PERFECT

what happened?!

What gpu do u have are u running hdmi 2.0 or 2.1 maybe something resetted and your pc is sending a 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 instead of a full rgb singal that could mess up the picture too

gtx 3080 , HDMI 2.1 4k120hz

a very expansive hdmi câble too, so it’s not a cheap one causing issue

my color spec :

those settings remained the same and untouched for month and way before i started playing lost ark

edit: i tried 100hz with no luck
i tried disabling hdr from window and/or my screen, leading to awful results

edit2: sorry the settings are in french lmao, want me to try putting window in english quick?

Mhh did u try some diff tv settings some tvs want u to set a hdmi port to pc so it switches to the right color pattern

My HDMI port is set up as PC entry on my TV, the TV was kinda designed with gaming in mind, there’s a big meny letting you do w/e you want with input and output ^^

looking closer at those screens u send it looks like some stupid auto hdr nonsense thats why i asked what os u are on :smiley: windows 11 has smth called auto hdr * upscaling non hdr games to hdr * and thats how it looks like to me there is no way they added that shit to 10 is there ? i have a acer x27p and i had to disable all hdr stuff cause of it if i am playing sdr games since it looks like your picture with it

I just contacted the manufacturer of my screen and they explained to me it could not come from the TV with surprisingly accurate informations.

So, there’s only 2 possibilities now, lost ark update screwed up things ( very possible ), or window 10 update screwed things ( very possible too )

it does look really weird, the color only are not the only issue, everything is kinda blurry too …

i have sharp eye, i really know how my picture is supposed to look, and i know it’s not that way lol

it feels like it’s either not true fullscreen for w/e reason on the oled, or yes there’s some kind of HDR trickery

i guess no one can help me :’(

if a CM could ask if the last update from lost ark had anything to do with graphics it could help me tremendously

please, any CM over there? <3




ofc i won’t stop bumping until i get an answer.



Why the colors are differents on my OLED?

why the colors are differents in fullscreen and windowed?

how to resolve it?


how many day to get an answer ?