HEADS UP - Hundreds of bots leveling new chars on all zones 10 - 50

This means a lot of them have been banned but they are regenerating.

Luterra, Tortoyk, Anikka, Arthetine, North Vern are brimming with new bots doing the main quest line for leveling new chars…


Its probably going to be the trend, bots get banned, come back on new accounts having to level them. Basically if they are banned fast enough then the 10-50 grind is the delay to the juicy stuff.

If they get banned before reaching the gold generation content then it’s a good thing. It means they’re wasting resources and get nothing from them.

Ya if they are stuck in the leveling grind then is “okish” I do recommend if people haven’t done it yet to get their 10-50 zone collectables brought if your gonna buy them. At least the bots are keeping those at 1g for us.

you can never stop bots but you can weed them down. The problem is the ONLY solution is to perma ban RMT buyers day 1 to make the risk not worth it when they have few to no buyers the bots eventually go away. Until AGS bans RMTers this problem will only grow and grow till the player base quits


I think its a glimmer of hope, let’s see what the weekend brings as far as queues etc. RMT does need to be taken more seriously though.

I love how u guys still argue about RMT buyers after the game went down the drain months ago XDD

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funny how there is clearly a solution which they actually managed to do at launch yet they never do that.

“closing the servers temporarily for new character creation”

because they want to look like they are doing something against bots but they secretly value the concurrent players articles being written much more for their PR.

AGS fighting bots…

So far I have been seeing small numbers of bots., queues are non existent on Valtan server so far. So far so good

Good to see AGS banning script working effectively for now
Still punishment for RMT shouldnt be 3 days.

this is why in-game mods are needed to re-ban the leveling bots manually. If they do that though their steam numbers plummet and shareholders stop investing. So it will never happen

AGS when players mention RMT not being permaban
Also AGS

until they realize more bots and RMT, less $$$ they actually get lmao

unless they bot and sell those themselves but that’s conspiracy theory

Their gold generation content is doing 10-50 and una’s then making a new character and doing it all over again. This is the reason their bot bans will never work.

Here is the issue with RMT’er from AGS/SG POV. RMTer is the exact customer they are targeting, AGS/SG did not get a handle on the gold seller early, now they are competing with these gold seller on those who willing to open their wallet.

It’s only human nature people want to buy things cheap, especially when AGS/SG has a soft stands to enforce TOS on the buyer, but it create a bigger impact on the F2P players, now the overall market is inflated.

That is the exact problem. Now people risk taking a 3 day ban for 2 months worth of mats for 1/10 the cost

IT is like a 5% or less chance they even get a 3 day most the RMT forums laugh about buying millions of gold a month since release and no ban

or maybe until you realize there are still dozens of ppl spending money and they likely couldn’t care less to actually invest money to fix the issue lel

Yea, its a fucking joke, same as New World. Anyone who expected anything more is delusional. AGS only cares about one thing, and that is money. If it costs them money, expect them to do the opposite.