HEADS UP - Hundreds of bots leveling new chars on all zones 10 - 50

The fact that someone can not spend 5 mins banning the 300k-2.8 mil tier 1 accs sales perma is a joke it would take a intern to curb the problem in about hour per region. Shit I would do it for some RCs

I could curb most of these bots with a simple cron job, I would gladly do it for a few RSU’s. Except that would cost Amazon money, and daddy Bozos needs to send another penis ship into space.

hundreds? that sounds very wrong

I went to Prideholm last night, just for a look and a visit, and there were bots everywhere. I did not see 1 actual player. There were just hundreds of bots there.

I would hate to be a new player.

Old news… been always like that

Same news…