Heartbeat Island coin reward

Did something go wrong in regards to the coins earned? It seems nearly impossible to empty the shop unless you want to spend days standing in a circle :open_mouth:

Guardian raids and chaos dungeons give 30 Coins a clear on any character and you have immediate events on the island itself to get coins. Basically a ton of possibilities to clean it out and stack on some for the reset.

this even so shit u cant even earn this coins throw UNAs like it was with chicken :clown_face:

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i dont kow what you play, you CAN win coins through multiple things:
Una tasks
Guardian raids
Chaos dungeons
Dailie quests on the island ( boring but… 9 minutes total for all 3 quests)
Event evry2h on the island
all obtained with all roster/repeatable evry day

whats the big deal?

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Oh kewl, I thought i was limited to the events on the island

The big deal for me is that this is so poorly rewarding compared to the recent chiking event. Got 900 for doing the chiking. The Race event rewarded more too, so I was sure there had been a mistake. Surely they dont want us AFKing on an island in order to earn coins.

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I get what you mean by playing the game but there’s no denying that the event activities themselves are very badly designed. Event was heavily criticized in KR too so I have no idea why SG brings the event to West.

The dance event rewards 300 coins, so I guess that’s the thing to do :slight_smile:

Probably because it was Smilegate that brought it to the West… not AGS. AGS released what they were given.
Smilegate ‘probably’ wouldn’t release anything else… Why? Because they could.

I just do the dance whenever i see its up (got an alt parked) and then the dailies. Farmed the shop and another 6k coins. Type /umarka and go take a toilet break and a drink. Its my break time reminder…

make more alts…thats 900 coins per alt not including chaos dungeon + guardian boss coins.

The issue is the event is bad. even with the recent reduction it takes too long but now i can’t watch an episode of whatever show I’m watching.

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The main problem with that even is how boring it is. At least with the chicken it was quick - one quest to catch 10 chicken, a few songs to play and the big chicken which was at most 5 minutes.

This one ? 3 quests where you have to do absolutely nothing for 9 minutes (awesome quest design thank you very much for this experience), one event where you have to do one emote for a few minutes, and the other event where the boss is pretty much shit - and I’m not even sure it’s that rewarding.

Chicken and Naruni were fun but this… I didn’t set a foot in there since the first day, I’m pretty sure I’ll skip half of the rewards this time, I value my game time way more than that tbh

The time is reduced to 30 secs making it a total of 90 secs for your dailies. Just wanna let you know, so you might reconsider getting your mats (=

That takes longer than 3 unas dailies.

That’s definitely better indeed, thanks for the info, I totally missed that !