Heartbreat Island Dance Quest


For the dance quest on heartbeat island. Let’s say I do the Sway dance. After a while, do I redo the sway emoji? Or if I keep leaving it dancing, it will count as the 20 needed for the quest?

Have to “redo” it like the other “dance” co-ops around. After you finish a “cycle” of the dance, you have to emote it again to get a 2nd and beyond point towards the completion.


When I pick up the red glow stick and wack the fat lady do I have to pick up the green one next and wack her again with a different one? Anyone know?

What happened to P2 and original did you get suspended or something? Checked your profiles seems they suspended you again.

You just need to hit with a glow stick.
No bonus from changing to different one.

I did notice people developing dance tech to push counter.
Just standing still emoting /sway once for whole event seems to me like it does give multiple contributions over time.
It does go slower than figuring out stutter-step tech-cancelling happy-birthday wombo-combos for dancing.