Heavenly Harmony not activated roster-wide

On Saturday, I finally got the Heavenly Harmony to drop from Harmony Island. Upon learning it though, it was only learnt on the character that acquired this song and not across the rest of my roster. I sanity checked with guildmates and they confirmed it activated roster-wide for them, so I’m not sure what happened when I acquired it. Maybe it was related to the server issues on Saturday?

Regardless, I opened up a live chat with support and they recommended posting in the main thread about the shutdown as well a separate post there. Here’s a link to my post in the main thread: Server Shutdown - General Discussion / General Discussion - Lost Ark Forums (playlostark.com)

I double checked my entire roster and only the character who got the song to drop has the song activated. Here are some screenshots to highlight what I’m seeing:
Region: NA-East
Server: Elzowin
Roster lead: Cerryn
Character with the song: Rhakkk

Have yo try to reboot game after acquisition?

Yes, I’ve tried both both reboots of the game and verifying the Steam cache/install. Sadly neither fixed it.